Reviewed by You: Stories

Recently, Megg has been talking about some of her favorite stories. She wants to know what our favorite stories are!

My all-time favorite story would have to be Doctor Who. This show is the perfect definition of story because it has so many lessons you can take away from it. Sure it can be silly at times, but there have been episodes where people tear apart time and space for the sake of humanity and love. Doctor Who has taught me to…

save as many people as I can or impact them in a good way, and if you skipped Nine I will judge you


that sometimes, not everyone lives but it will all be okay in the end,


that you can’t run away from your problems forever,


that every lonely person needs a friend,


that you can be old and childish, (DT is priceless)


to be an optimist,


to be open to friendship and love, (and have an OTP)


to know when to let go, (sorry if feelings happen)`


and to know that if and when you change, always remember who you used to be.


We’re all stories in the end, might as well make it a good one.

*BTW none of these gifs are mine. All of them are from various places online.

Club Penguin Turns 9- My Story of CP

Hey penguins! As you all know, Club Penguin turned 9 on the 24th, and I thought it would be pretty cool to share my journey of Club Penguin with you guys.

It all started out about 4 or 5 years ago. I was in the school library with my Girl Scout troop, when I noticed one of my friends had a pink puffle keychain. I asked what it was out of curiosity, and she replied, “It’s from Club Penguin! You should sign up and play!”. At the time, I was a little skeptical of the whole thing, so I asked my friend Rebecca (I’m not going to put her username in here) about it the next day. She told me it was legit and I could sign up when I got home.

When I got home, I went up to my parents and politely begged them to let me play. My mom was totally willing to let me play, but little did she know she was practically signing me up for my future. The first time my penguin went on, the 4th Anniversary party was going on. I picked up my first item, the blue pom pom beanie. I got the 4th Anniversary pin, but the only thing I REAAAAALLY regret not getting was the party hat. If you gave me a time machine, I would literally go back to that party and tell myself to get the party hat.

I played as a non-member with Rebecca for a few months. We weren’t allowed to have the type chat, so we always called each other and talked over the phone while we played. Those are the best memories I have with her, and that’s basically why we’re so close today. One day, Rebecca told me in school she had bought a membership. We both screamed and fangirled (I didn’t know what it was called at the time). When I got home, we talked over the phone about what a membership exactly does. Naturally, I went up to my parents and begged them again for a membership. My parents agreed to give me a one month membership.

But one month turned into two, then three, then six, then I was a member for a full year. I was really happy in that year; I was playing during the final golden days of CP before Disney, I had a lot of friends, and I was doing great in school. I was so hyped up over Club Penguin, my parents couldn’t get me to be quiet. I even had a Club Penguin themed birthday party! That was when I got all the (now dated) guides to Club Penguin, plush puffles, penguin figures, and a deck of the CJ cards.

All of that changed about two years later. My dog I had since I was born had to be put to sleep, causing my family to slowly break apart. I lost interest in Club Penguin and just about everything. I was super moody and sad, my grades were skyrocketing down, and I wasn’t psychologically doing okay. My parents dragged me to countless specialists, who diagnosed me with depression and ADHD. I didn’t want all of this to happen, I wanted my old life back! I had no idea how to cope with this! I don’t even know how I made it through that year because I know for a fact had all that happened to me now, I would probably have made some really stupid choices.

Things were looking a lot better the year after. Sure, I still had ADHD but I was starting to overcome my depression. My parents were still dragging me to therapist after therapist (I think I drove one into retirement o.o) until that summer. I was going to meet with an occupational therapist, who has really helped turn my life back on path. I finally found a doctor that wasn’t old or trying to pry into my life. I even participated in my first pageant!

When I went back into school that year, I made friends with two girls. I’m not going to name them for personal reasons, but for now, we’ll call them Hermione and Ginny. We were good friends for about two months, until Ginny started to make mean remarks about me. I became sort of trapped in my own social corner, so what did I do? I started to play Club Penguin again. I didn’t tell anyone what I was doing, except my parents. One night over Thanksgiving break, I met my online penguin friends. I am honestly so happy I met them, they helped me through this harder time.

About two months after I met them, I started this blog. My original idea was to have all my CP friends help me blog on here, like someone does the CP blog posts, someone does walkthroughs, etc. I brought up this idea to my friends, but most of them seemed suspicious at the time. Was I a stalker or a person? (FYI, I’m a person. If you enter your email anywhere on here, I probably won’t even notice) S0 I started this this blog on my own. I did have support from my blogger friends (you guys are just awesome), who really pushed me to be the best blogger I could be.

In this March (2014), I changed classes from Home Ec to Drama. Hermione and Ginny weren’t in those classes, so I felt sort of left out in drama. I convinced my parents to switch me into graphic design, which I’m still doing today. Ginny was starting to practically bully me about everything, to the point where she put my address online as a joke. I panicked and screamed at her the next day to give me an apology, but when she did apologize, she gave me an “I’m sorry” with an eyeroll. That was not going to fit the bill for me. I kept screaming at her until I realized she wasn’t going to react, she just thought it was funny to see me so desperate. I ran to the guidance counselor to help me sort this out, but there really wasn’t much he could do. Now she just glares at me across the hallways like I did something wrong. And Hermione moved at the end of the year.

I sort of suffered through the rest of the school year, constantly drawing myself back to the guidance counselor on my own will. During March-April-ish I started to watch Doctor Who. Doctor Who gave me so much hope that I’m not alone in the universe, that everyone has moral meanings and deserves to be alive. That was one of the best choices I had made in a while.

To this day, I’m still playing CP and blogging. My plans for the future include being a graphic designer and accomplished blogger. If I ever outgrow CP, I want to give this account to my cousins. I want them to know how much CP helped me through the past few years of my life. I want them to know the values of friendship, and how to be safe online. I want them to grow up and be responsible, and not go through what I went through.


(Also this is my 250th post! WOO!)

October 2014 Igloo Catalog

Hello penguins! I hope you’ve all been enjoying your October so far. I’m here today to show you the igloo catalog for this month.


This month’s igloo is the Ghostly Cavern Igloo. There was another one a few years ago similar to this one in green. Hmm…




I bought the igloo and put it in, but the location won’t show up, nor will it allow me to decorate it.


Anyways, the other igloos this month are the Trick-or-Treat igloo and the Eerie Castle. The castle is from last year.



This page has all new items, except the slime. Eww :s



This page has pumpkin decor. Personally, I prefer the older pumpkins but I only have one.



Click on the Moon (Moon=Egg. If you saw Doctor Who last week, you’ll get it) you can get a spider (wow I didn’t even think about how ironic that was. Doctor Who takeover confirmed).



Finally, we have slimy tentacles and the graveyard gate for a scary feeling.




Click on one of the stone puffles (Don’t blink. Blink and you’re dead) to get the candy basket :D`



In conclusion: I did find a way to make this post about Doctor Who.

Club Penguin Teams up With PACER to End Bullying!

Not too long ago, CP released an online safety quiz  to help educate young children about online safety. They also did a cyberbullying promo, pro-feminism post and teamed up with Free the Children last month to build schools. Great job CP for being so active in so many issues, it’s such a great thing to do!

This month, Club Penguin is working with PACER to help end bullying. Watch the video below to find out more.

Go unlock the code 2BEHEARD to get a free megaphone and orange tee shirt. For every tee and megaphone unlocked, CP will donate a dollar to support bullying prevention.

I think it’s pretty awesome to have Club Penguin involved in an issue a lot of people care about. I reaaaally care about bullying because I’ve been through a rough past few years with bullies, and even just last month I was involved in a lot of drama. Luckily, there are several adults I can talk to in my school, but sometimes you just have to let things blow over and not let everything get to you. If someone is being mean to you or just trying to make your life plain old miserable ~not just once, but very often~ I am begging you to go to an adult first and talk things over with them. You will not get in trouble, they are only here to help. This has worked for me 9 out of 10 times, and that 1/10 have lead to some really distressing, low points for me. I care about you penguins so much, and I don’t want you to all go through what I did.

Click here for more info on bullying prevention and here for more on online safety.

October 2014 Penguin Style

Hello penguins, and welcome to the October 2014 Penguin style! As usual, I will go through the catalog and help you find all the hidden items.


This month’s player cards are spooky ghosts and puffles! My favorite is the haunted library ;)


The first page for members are girls items. These items are new and look fantastic!


The next page has revamped items from last year. I like the dress more in green, but the hair looked better in blue.


If you click on the green penguin’s shoes, you get the black studded shoes from last year.


The guys’ items are looking pretty fresh in red! The hair looks like it was edited from the TBM party…? O_o


If you click his lower flipper, you can get the Trick-or-Treat Bucket. This item has been brought back every year, so no big surprise.


The first of the costume pages have the older Halloween costumes. Again, these items are brought back almost every year.


This page is my favorite! There’s Halloween SFX makeup on the right, and on the left there are masks! I like the Phantom mask :D


Surprise, surprise! There’s a witch costume, redone in orange now with a broom!


The full-on body costumes are on this page. The Blue Dragon outfit is back by popular demand!


Click on the Pegasus wings to get the Raven Wings.


More of the older costumes on this page… Dunno why they aren’t selling the cat headpiece to match…


Finally, the Penguin at Work is a cake baker :O Wear just the apron and make a sweet surprise!




Club Penguin Wants YOUR Art!

That’s right penguins! Polo Field announced that in honor of CP’s 9th anniversary, they want to use your fanart in their tribute video. You can only submit this weekend, so make sure to get out your supplies and draw away! The task is to draw your favorite memories of Club Penguin.

I might make a penguin or two to submit :D

UPDATE: I made a custom penguin to submit. It took me a LOOONG time! Maybe CP will choose it…


Club Penguin Builds 7 Schools with Free the Children!

This is a post from Polo Field.
Hey Penguins!
Last year, 11 of our Club Penguin team members helped raise funds to build schools with Free the Children. Together they helped build schools in Ghana, Ecuador, Haiti, India, Kenya, Nicaragua, and Sierra Leone — how amazing is that?!
Here are a few of our amazing volunteers:

What are you doing to help others in your community? 
Waddle on,
-Club Penguin Team
Currently, I’m actually working on a project for Girl Scouts! I’m working with my school library to help build a special education resources section on for the whole community. Also, congrats to the awesome mods for helping out!

Megg’s School and Skate Party Sneak Peek!

Megg uploaded this awesome video to YouTube about her adventures at the School and Skate party!

A few notes:

  • The mall is totally awesome. I don’t know about you, but the mall I go to is lots of fun! Glad they could capture that in CP ;)
  • Always read books. Especially when you have to read one for school and you have to finish half of it in two days… haha not like I have to do that instead of blogging

What do you think? Club Penguin movie yay or nay?

Featured Igloos are BACK!

Hey everyone! Remember back in the old days of Club Penguin when they used to do featured igloos? Fantastic news! Featured igloos are back and here to stay! This was personally one of my favorite things about old CP :D Read what Megg had to say:

Exciting news for all you pro igloo decorators!
Featured igloos are back! Once a month, we’ll be giving a shout out to an igloo we think is simply marvelous. Woohoo!
Our first featured igloo is from Gigigirl14. I was very impressed with her use of space in this igloo. And it actually reminded me of a school I went to — great job Gigigirl14 :D

I’ll be wandering around the island randomly to scout out more great designs. If you’d like to be featured, all you have to do is decorate your igloo!
Waddle on,
-Club Penguin Team
Great job Gigigirl14! Love those pink sofas! Remember, I also update my igloos page from time to time, so check it out and see if YOU’RE on there ;)