December 2015 Codes

I was scrolling through my reader on WordPress when I found a post with codes on it!

The codes are LARANJA8 , ESTEANO5 , and BOAFESTA

Thanks to Club Penguin Reveals for the video!


Unlockable Item Codes- December 2014

Hey penguins! I hope you’re all enjoying your weekends and preparing for the holidays. Anyways, I do have a small gift for you guys; codes!

The first code is YOURGIFT, all caps.


It unlocks the Merry Walrus medal, which the Merry Walrus himself wears.


The second code is PRINCESS.


It unlocks the Tiara, which can also be obtained via puffle digging.



And now for a random picture… If you can guess the meme, we’ll be friends forever.


“I really need to be doing homework” said the CP player as she procrastinated online.

Code for Pink Fairy Wings

Hey everyone! Sorry for my unannounced break, I don’t know if I said this before but I got a huge part in a musical camp and it’s taking up 90% of my time. ANYWAYS, to make up for it, I have a code for Pink Fairy Wings. The code is FILMFEST.

And I just entered the code and forgot to take screenshots. Very smooth, Greeny >.<

But as I type, there’s an Iggy Azalea penguin online. I took a screenshot of her!


Looking fancy! Ahaha, get it?

2 NEW Unlockable Item Codes

Recently, CP has released NEW two codes for items! I think that’s it’s great that nonmembers can get these items too.

The first code is RACECAR. This unlocks a race flag, which have been the “secret”  in Chattabox’s Grand Prix. The second code is DISN14. This unlocks a cool two-tone hoodie 🙂

Thank you Phantasm for posting these codes! Your blog header looks great!