CP Fashion

DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN! Here it is! My page COMPLETELY dedicated to fashion! I made this page because I can never find recent fashion when I search Club Penguin Fashion. *NOTE* Not all of these clothes are available at this very moment! Feel free to substitute whatever you need to!

First off, my normal garb. A hoodie can be your best friend if you like to keep warm 🙂

Player Card

Next, workout clothes! If you want to run the treadmill with your puffle, or kick a soccer ball around in the Stadium, this outfit is for you! You can change the colors to your favorite team.


If you like to take pictures, this outfit has a camera and a very soft, warm jacket. The slippers top the whole thing off.


This outfit is inspired by Waddles26813, my blogger buddy :). Her blog is dedicated to fashion and furniture. She normally wears this outfit, but with different glasses and hair.


Party time! These two outfits are for a birthday party and  fancy party. You can make your hand item a gift for the host/hostess 🙂


Time for work! Make sure you wear proper attire for your day at the office or an apron if you work at a restaurant :D.


Now we have some more casual threads for days you spend chilling in your igloo (haha, no pun intended).


Let’s go to the beach! This apparel is for spending your days at the Cove, sipping smoothies, burning marshmallows on the fire, or surfing!









This outfit is for long nature walks in the Forest. It has a backpack full of supplies, such as water, granola bars, etc.


This outfit is for reading a book, or grabbing some coffee with friends. I really like how all the colors match.


The perfect outfit for waddling around during the Holidays in! A warm coat chases away the frostbite. Read more about this here.


It’s not easy being green! Show your St. Patty’s pride with a full on green getup. Read about my St. Patrick’s Day adventure here.



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