Music Jam Update with Spoilers!

This is a message from Megg:

I can’t believe it’s July 1 tomorrow, time is flying! First off, congrats to the Sharks for their epic win of the Penguin Cup. *claps*
Now for some awesome Music Jam news!
For those who asked to have nighttime in Club Penguin, you’re in luck! I’m extremely excited to announce that this party will have both day and night… for the first time in CP history! Like in the real world, we’ll have daytime and nighttime in some rooms of the party. Check it out:

Wait! There’s more – I’ve got my hands on the set list of performers for the party? Want to see? Who am I kidding, of course you do!

That’s right, Cadence and all 4 members of the Penguin Band will be walking around the island to party with everyone. This is the first full appearance from the PB in quite a while, so it’s super special!
We’ll also be hosting some special musical guests at the big festival, including Cole Plante, Zendaya, Violetta, and next month’s featured artist, Sabrina Carpenter! Stay tuned to the blog for an exclusive interview with Sabrina, too.
Music Jam starts on July 17. We’ll share some more sneak peeks over the next week.
Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team
First thing: NIGHT TIME! OH YEAAAAH! The CP community has been asking about this for AGES and it’s finally happening! I think night in Club Penguin is pretty cool. This calls for a Doctor Who/ Jack Harkness reaction .gif! (via Tumblr)
Next thing: The Disney channel stars. I’ve mentioned this SO many times before, I think it’s just time to make a rant post. I don’t really want to be THAT blogger who has to complain EVERY TIME about Disney. Another Doctor Who reaction .gif  video is needed.

Superfan Hat Unlockable Code!

Club Penguin has released a new code for the soccer superfan hat! The code is GOOOOOAL. 

When you log in, make sure to click “Unlock Items” to redeem your code. Enter the code exactly how it appears.


If you click next, you should have your superfan hat! Go crazy!


The Spoiler Alert Episode 25

This week’s episode spoils the new Penguin Style catalog for July. The dialog is hard to hear (or I just have really bad headphones).

I think it’s super cool that Club Penguin is doing their own mini music festival. I can pretend to be hipster Greeny and do everything before it was cool :3 I’ll probably make memes out of that XD

More Aunt Arctic Meetup Times!

Aunt Arctic is still waddling around the island! If you have not met her yet, you still have a chance to meet her and get her background.

All times are listed in PST, Pacific/Penguin standard time. Check the clock tower to see what the PST time is.

Wednesday, June 25

* 8:30am on the server Fog

Thursday, June 26

* 11:00am on the server Rainbow
* 3:00pm on the server Chinook

Friday, June 27

* 11:00am on the server Sled
* 3:00pm on the server Wool Socks
* 6:00pm on the server Mittens

Saturday, June 28

* 11:00am on the server Sherbet
* 3:00pm on the server Frosty

Sunday, June 29

* 11:00am on the server Northern Lights
* 2:00pm on the server Cloudy

Monday, June 30

* 8:30am on the server Fog
* 3:00pm on the server Mittens

Tuesday, July 1 (Canada Day!)

* 11:00am on the server Rainbow

Wednesday, July 2

* 8:30am on the server Fog
* 3:30pm on the server Fog

Mod Monday Fun- 6/23/14

Hey everyone! I finally made it to my first Mod Monday! It all started with this tweet…

In hopes that I would meet Moose, I went on Grizzly. I never got to see him, but Polo was on! This is his igloo (bananas, yes).


I went to the Stadium, where Ninja was!


I GOT A POSTCARD FROM NINJA!!!! I was hardcore fangirling the rest of the day.


Ninja played some games with a few penguins. He’s the one screaming “GOOD MATCH!”


After that, he had to go. He said he had to go back to filming, so MAYBE this could be in the Spoiler Alert!


This is Ninja’s player card. If you see him, click on him!


And this is his igloo. I was kind of glitching towards the end, so I don’t know if this is his whole igloo.


Penguin Cup 2014 Walkthrough

GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! The Penguin Cup 2014 is finally here! The game is on (yes, I quoted Sherlock. New obsession :P)! We have a cool login screen with bouncing soccer balls.



When you first log in, Aunt Arctic tells you to pick a team and challenge other players.


Pick a team: Red, Yellow, Blue, or Green! I chose Green, but Blue is in the lead.


This is the map for the party. I really love CP with paved roads instead of snowy paths, it looks so pretty.


The Stadium is all decked out with soccer, soccer, and SOCCER! Watch and cheer on your favorite team or get in the game and play!



This party we have not 3, but 8 different emotes! WOW! They consist of red card, yellow card, whistle, team foam fingers, and a penguin!


Here are the safe chat phrases for this party:


If you click on your player card, you can see your career total for the games. Like my outfit?


Here’s the town, paved and decorated for the Penguin Cup!


The Plaza is looking snazzy with the CPSN headquarters! Note the soccer puffle above the Pet Shop 🙂


Inside the CPSN building, report the latest soccer news, scores, and gossip as you interview and act with other penguins.


Now for the team hangout spots! The green team is looking awesome with computers and chairs for all!


All the teams’ spots have free vuvuzelas. Vuvuzelas are horns that you blow into and they make a really loud, annoying noise.


If you wear only the vuvuzela, your penguin will blow out a little flag the color of it.


The blue team spot has some cool interactive elements, see if you can find them all!


The yellow team is chilling out and training at the Cove, how relaxing!


The red team’s area is looking super fly, as usual (do people even say fly anymore?).



What do you think? Leave a comment below!