Merry Walrus Crystal Puffle Adoption Walkthrough

This post contains major spoilers for those who have not completed the quest yet. If you want to leave the ending a surprise, don’t go past the locations of the crystals.

Anyways, when you go to the gem, today you have to find all of the gems to get earmuffs and/or a crystal puffle! The puffle is currently for members only.


The first crystal is on top of the Dance Club, like any penguin could reach up there.


The second crystal is at the Dock, in between the signs.


As you collect the crystals, they’ll show up in the flower thing. For some reason, there is a bug where it says you didn’t collect anything in the right corner.


The third crystal is at the Lighthouse.


The fourth crystal is in the Forest.


The fifth crystal is on top of the Puffle Hotel. WHY IS IT ALL SO HIGH UP!?


And the final crystal is at the Mine. SPOILERS BELOW.



Once you collect all the crystals, you will be magically zapped somewhere and the Merry Walrus will appear with a gift.


He then tells you that he wants to thank you for donating to CFC by giving you a special prize.


Oh, and 500 coins will still be donated when you do this task. Click on the “adopt” button underneath the crystal puffle.


I had no idea what to name my puffle on the spot, so I just typed in the first thing that came to mind.


After that, you’ll get an adoption certificate saying wild puffles can be cared for at the stations around the island (in the Puffle Park and Hotel).


Christmas card quality right here.


Finally, this is what the crystal puffle looks like on your player card.


I think this task was the best out of all of the tasks for Merry Walrus. What do you guys think? What did you name your puffle?

Also, I might do a “year in review” post. Would you penguins like that? I want to share my thoughts and ideas about this year’s parties and whatnot.


5 thoughts on “Merry Walrus Crystal Puffle Adoption Walkthrough

  1. Awesome post! 😉 I would like a Year in Review post. I adopted 3 crystal puffles for my friends, and I names them- Cryssie, Crystal and Genimite, respectively. I also did this task, but I recorded it. You should check it out, and how come you’re not very active on YouTube?

      • Ha ha, sound doesn’t work on my computer too! 😛 Sorry about your screen recorder…. and good luck for the new computer! I’ll keep my fingers crossed! 😀

  2. Hey great job! I couldn’t find the last one, and I looked on here and it was in the forest. And I named my puffle Shimmer. I found this walk through very amusing at times! Oh and I wanted to tell you, I think your penguin is very cute! Merry christmas, and happy new year! 🎅

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