Club Penguin Doctor Who Costumes!

Happy Halloween! As you might know, I am a HUUuUUUUUuuuuuuuuUUUUUuuuge fan of the hit sci-fi drama, Doctor Who. I’ve kinda made it not-so-obvious :p Anyways, today I decided to do some Club Penguin costumes for Doctor Who! Let the madness begin! DOO WEE OOH!

I started off with the 11th Doctor. His fez is the doorman’s hat from Ruby and the Ruby. You could substitute the fez for floppy hair (which I don’t have) or a Stetson. The moderator Iwearbowties also does a lovely job of showing his inner 11. Don’t forget the bow tie!


I also did the 10th Doctor, my personal favorite. I used the narrow glasses and Flight Attendant uniform to create his look. And as I type, I realize I forgot his Converse. Any sneaker would go for 10.


Next I did the fabulous one and only River Song! I didn’t have any big, curly hair (it was either big or curly, not both). In the second cosplay, I would recommend wearing red heels (I only have white and black ones) and I included her blue book of spoilers.

doctorwho7 doctorwho6

Now we have Donna Noble, the most important woman in the universe. Donna wears mostly solid colors, so any plain colored shirt with pants would go.



Now we have Martha Jones, the defender of the universe. Although she isn’t a favorite companion among many Whovians, her style is pretty cool. A black bun and the hiking outfit creates a Martha look.


Onto Rose Tyler, the Bad Wolf herself. I noticed she mostly wore pink, so I would wear a pink hoodie or tee with blonde hair. Rose wears lots of eye makeup, so I used the Wide Awake lashes to create her look.



Reviewed by You: Stories

Recently, Megg has been talking about some of her favorite stories. She wants to know what our favorite stories are!

My all-time favorite story would have to be Doctor Who. This show is the perfect definition of story because it has so many lessons you can take away from it. Sure it can be silly at times, but there have been episodes where people tear apart time and space for the sake of humanity and love. Doctor Who has taught me to…

save as many people as I can or impact them in a good way, and if you skipped Nine I will judge you

that sometimes, not everyone lives but it will all be okay in the end,

that you can’t run away from your problems forever,

that every lonely person needs a friend,

that you can be old and childish, (DT is priceless)

to be an optimist,

to be open to friendship and love, (and have an OTP)

to know when to let go, (sorry if feelings happen)

and to know that if and when you change, always remember who you used to be.


We’re all stories in the end, might as well make it a good one.

*BTW none of these gifs are mine. All of them are from various places online.

October 2014 Igloo Catalog

Hello penguins! I hope you’ve all been enjoying your October so far. I’m here today to show you the igloo catalog for this month.


This month’s igloo is the Ghostly Cavern Igloo. There was another one a few years ago similar to this one in green. Hmm…




I bought the igloo and put it in, but the location won’t show up, nor will it allow me to decorate it.


Anyways, the other igloos this month are the Trick-or-Treat igloo and the Eerie Castle. The castle is from last year.



This page has all new items, except the slime. Eww :s



This page has pumpkin decor. Personally, I prefer the older pumpkins but I only have one.



Click on the Moon (Moon=Egg. If you saw Doctor Who last week, you’ll get it) you can get a spider (wow I didn’t even think about how ironic that was. Doctor Who takeover confirmed).



Finally, we have slimy tentacles and the graveyard gate for a scary feeling.




Click on one of the stone puffles (Don’t blink. Blink and you’re dead) to get the candy basket :D`



In conclusion: I did find a way to make this post about Doctor Who.

Club Penguin Teams up With PACER to End Bullying!

Not too long ago, CP released an online safety quiz  to help educate young children about online safety. They also did a cyberbullying promo, pro-feminism post and teamed up with Free the Children last month to build schools. Great job CP for being so active in so many issues, it’s such a great thing to do!

This month, Club Penguin is working with PACER to help end bullying. Watch the video below to find out more.

Go unlock the code 2BEHEARD to get a free megaphone and orange tee shirt. For every tee and megaphone unlocked, CP will donate a dollar to support bullying prevention.

I think it’s pretty awesome to have Club Penguin involved in an issue a lot of people care about. If someone is bullying you, go to an adult first and talk things over with them. You will not get in trouble, they are only here to help. I care about you penguins so much, and I don’t want you to all go through what I did.

Click here for more info on bullying prevention and here for more on online safety.

October 2014 Penguin Style

Hello penguins, and welcome to the October 2014 Penguin style! As usual, I will go through the catalog and help you find all the hidden items.


This month’s player cards are spooky ghosts and puffles! My favorite is the haunted library 😉


The first page for members are girls items. These items are new and look fantastic!


The next page has revamped items from last year. I like the dress more in green, but the hair looked better in blue.


If you click on the green penguin’s shoes, you get the black studded shoes from last year.


The guys’ items are looking pretty fresh in red! The hair looks like it was edited from the TBM party…? O_o


If you click his lower flipper, you can get the Trick-or-Treat Bucket. This item has been brought back every year, so no big surprise.


The first of the costume pages have the older Halloween costumes. Again, these items are brought back almost every year.


This page is my favorite! There’s Halloween SFX makeup on the right, and on the left there are masks! I like the Phantom mask 😀


Surprise, surprise! There’s a witch costume, redone in orange now with a broom!


The full-on body costumes are on this page. The Blue Dragon outfit is back by popular demand!


Click on the Pegasus wings to get the Raven Wings.


More of the older costumes on this page… Dunno why they aren’t selling the cat headpiece to match…


Finally, the Penguin at Work is a cake baker :O Wear just the apron and make a sweet surprise!