An Afterword- Screenhog and Polo Field

Hello penguins,

I’m assuming everyone here is pretty familiar with Screenhog and Polo Field at this point. Both of them have made very heartfelt and honest posts about their thoughts on Club Penguin’s closing.

Read Screenhog’s post, “When a World Ends”, here.

Read Polo Field’s post. “How Club Penguin Changed My Life”, here.

Honestly, I teared up reading Screenhog’s post. The comments made me cry even more. Thank you, Screenhog, for your love and dedication for Club Penguin. May the future bring you even brighter horizons.

Polo’s story about the game code and Card Jitsu¬†hit me hard too. I played the EPF DS game nonstop when I was younger; I beat it roughly four times. I was also the only one out of my friends to own the game day Wii game and I’m very proud to have those stamps in my stampbook. I was also lucky enough to get my hands on a physical Card Jitsu and I treasure it as a part of my childhood. Also, the Aunt Arctic story is very sweet. Thank you personally for recognizing my blog when I first started; it meant a lot to me.

Maybe I’ll post my physical collection once I get around to my catalog posts. Those are definitely going to come after February.

Waddle on, Greeny.


Club Penguin Closing…

Hello Penguins,

So it has sadly been announced that yes indeed, Club Penguin is closing. I obviously have not been as involved in the penguin community in a very long time and I’ve honestly lost touch with it. A lot of the creators and friends I knew from here have moved on.

However, I will try my very hardest to make up for what I have missed. In the coming months, I’m planning on cataloging my inventory publicly- including my clothes, Puffles, furniture, igloos, etc. It will all be posted on here. I do have a new computer (at long last), so I may make it a video on there (no promises).

As for my blog, it’s staying up as far as I’m aware of. I may have to close it publicly at some point for personal¬†reasons. With WordPress, I can password-protect my blog so only anyone who knows the password can access it.

And finally, personal matters. Now is not the time for tears, my friends. I’ve made my sappy posts in the past and I’m sure there’s plenty more to come. Again, I’ve lost touch with the community on here and have moved on. I’ve become a giant anime nerd now… whoops. My writing style has changed drastically (if you ever get a chance to, STUDY GRAMMAR. I cannot emphasize how important it is in life in general as well as making an impression online!)

Will I be playing Penguin Island? I honestly don’t know but probably not. I don’t know how it works, but I would like to preserve my username on there if it’s not taken already just in case.

Later, Greeny