2014 Parties in Review

Hey everyone! This is the grand scheme review of Club Penguin’s parties in 2014, also probably my last post of 2014! Without further ado, let’s begin! *Warning- my loudmouth opinion starts to get heavier throughout the post.


We started off in January when I was a newbie blogger (aww). The Prehistoric party kicked off the new year. Before the party, we did have the Spoiler Alert going on, along with #WaddleOn, both discontinued for unknown reasons. I did get to meet a bunch of moderators behind the scenes of Waddle On, which was totally awesome and kicked off my blog.

(I’m scrolling through my blog archives as I type. I don’t even know what I did. I’m a little embarrassed.)

Dino puffles were introduced to the island and the puffle digging game (like Treasure Hunt) came back from the year before. If you put the treasure hunt game in your igloo, you would be on a list of “digloos”. Most of the prehistoric island was the same decorations and set up as the year before. We could transform into dinosaurs, also like the year before.

To sum up January, we could say that it was totally psyching us up for a letdown of a party year. All the parties this year, no exception, either introduced new puffles or had something you could put in your igloo to show up on a special list. Had the Prehistoric Party been the only party with that setup, it would have been excellent. Score for January- 7.5/10. Again, the rooms were lacking new design but this was the first party with the game-or-puffle setup, making us think it would be the only party like it. Wrong.


February introduced a new concept of ~shockingly~ having a Fair in the Winter! The Fair is- or was- traditionally held in September, hence the name “Fall Fair”. This year, the Fair got an upgrade with a new color scheme and FANTASTIC (quoth the 9th Doctor) new graphics. The Penguin Style rocked a mix of old and new items, bringing my vision of the perfect CP together.

Club Penguin also released a new quiz for Safer Internet Day, which you could get the Safer Internet sweater for all penguins. I’m really big on staying safe online and cyberbullying, as I have been a victim as well. Naturally, when CP did this, I was excited to see that CP was trying to help out online.

As for the actual party, it was great! The only downside was it was REALLY hard to earn tickets, and the prizes were SUPER pricey. I ended up with only 5 items, and I still really want that green motorcycle. The graphics were on point and sharp. I loved the roller coaster and the Ferris wheel. For me, this was really the height (and leading to the downfall) of Club Penguin this year. Score for February- 8/10. The only thing I didn’t like was that the island wasn’t decorated, which killed the vibe of having a party.


March was probably, I hate to say it, one of the worst parties I’ve ever seen. It was supposed to be the Muppet’s World Tour, which was an awful movie to start with. This party was really risky because if the CP team had executed it wrong, it could have came off as racist and offensive. Most of the island was decorated, but there was practically nothing to do. After you picked up the “special item” and did a “special dance” you were awarded with a hat. Really, a hat? The member advantage was the special item, but anyone could join in on the dance. When you finished the whole quest, you could watch the cheesy Muppet performance at the stage. Totally NOT CP’s best.

At least the Penguin Style was nice.

There was also a LOT of hacking in March/April. I have no idea why, I just know it did happen. This would lead to more hacking later on in the year, to the point where people were hacking Parent Accounts.

Anyways, the EPF HQ was finally updated after a few millennia years, and CP welcomed Russian players! Total score for March- 3/10.


April was a fair month, I would say. The whole Puffle Party kicked off the idea of releasing new puffles practically monthly, as we got cat and dog puffles. We also got the Puffle Park, and Club Penguin became available for the iPhone and iPod touch. Not too bad. The party itself was good, but it was a little boring because there was nothing to do really except collect items. The items were nice, but basically useless. That’s really all there was to April. Score for April- 6/10.


May was the Future Party! But before this party, CP had a mini-party for crazy hats! I’ve been collecting silly hats on CP for a while, so it was good to put them to use. There were free hats and a background for everyone. As for the Future Party… it was okay. We could transform into robots and throw snowballs to stop metors to save CP. When you blasted a metor, you could get points to buy costumes with. The whole island was decorated with a set color scheme, which was really nice to see. Personally, I didn’t find it all that exciting and wanted it to be more Doctor Who-ish. Score for May-7/10.


In June, we had the Penguin Cup, which was really good because everyone could relate to it internationally! Again, before the Penguin Cup, we had a Prom/Graduation mini party, which is mostly an American thing. Some international penguins were confused as to what exactly prom is. I thought it was fun, but I don’t really know what the CP community thought of it.

As for the actual party, it was sort of biased and obvious that blue would win :/ Again, the whole island was decorated with a certain color scheme, which made it look nice. We did get a cool minigame for playing soccer with other penguins, kind of like the Muppets takeover. I had fun because the mods were also active on CP that month, and I got to meet Ninja! Score for June- 8/10.


July was another one of those months where they psyched us up over a poorly made party. The Music Jam was basically a hidden Disney stars takeover. If there’s one thing I absolutely hate, it’s probably the Disney channel for personal reasons. I don’t feel like ranting now. Anyways, the DJ3K got revamped and replaced with SoundStudio, which we could also play in our igloos. If we put the SoundStudio in your igloo, you would be on a special igloo list. For the party, part of the island was decorated and we had a cruise ship that was supposed to be fun but really wasn’t. To unlock items, we had to watch the stupid singer perform, then we would get the item. The only thing I really liked was the night sky transition, but even that was cheesy. Score for July- 2/10.


The August party was, simply put, an epic fail. It was supposed to be Frozen, but the whole thing felt too last-minute-put-together. As if Frozen wasn’t already over-commercialized. Sigh.

There was also a race car mini party, but that wasn’t too good either. Like Frozen, it felt like a last minute backup plan or something. Score for August- 1/10.


Oh gosh, September. The party was so awful I didn’t even blog it. The color scheme was all over the place, another unnecessary room was added, and everyone thought CP was going to end. That’s how bad it was. The whole “Club Penguin is fun for everyone” vibe was lacking. Score for September- 0/10.


October was CP’s chance to recover from their fail of a Summer. I have no idea how they did financially during those months, but probably not to well. Did CP take a chance to recover? Absolutely not. The party was nothing special, and all the rooms were reused from last year. It seems like little to no effort was put in, except for the anniversary party. The fun part for me in October was that I got to serenade my love for Doctor Who on my blog (sorry not sorry). Score for October- 3/10.


November was okay, but it felt like the party’s concept was reused from part of the Fair. We had a Pirate Party, and dressed up as pirates to battle crabs for coins. The whole thing was pointless, and the mini-game glitched up my computer big time. To recover from this, CP finally released their app for mobile, along with the new game Puffle Wild, which is like Candy Crush. If you ask me, CP was more Puffle Wild-centered than the actual party this month. I think either A) They could have had a Medieval party instead or B) Saved the Puffle Party for later and have the Puffle Wild game tied in somehow with the Puffle Party. Score for November- 5/10


The CP community thinks that December went terrible party-wise. This year, CP released a very unique TV special on Disney Channel, which I thought was really cute. You could tell a lot of effort and time was put into the animation. As for the Merry Walrus party, it was a tacky attempt at avoiding Christmas commercialism. It was kind of like “hey, we celebrate a very Christmas-y holiday with a Santa-ish thing, but it’s NOT Christmas, nope!”. I didn’t buy it at all. We did get puffles, enhancing the whole (no longer) special puffle-or-igloo-item-or-game-or-item concept. I’m starting to hate that concept. Score for December- 5/10

Total score for the year- (5+5+3+0+1+2+8+7+6+3+8+7.5)12 over 10 times 12, so 55.5/120. Phew. If someone could convert that into a percent, that would be wonderful.

Basically, this year earned less than half of a positive rating. I think to improve CP, the CP team needs to stop releasing puffles monthly and vary up their prize-giving-getting methoods. If everyone is right, CP could possibly be meeting their tragic ending.


Happy Holidays from Greengirl816!

Hello penguins, and happy holidays/Merry Walrus/Christmas/Hanukkah/Whatever you celebrate! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic month. From my penguin to yours, happy holidays and new year! I will do a “year in review” post later as well.

In the meantime, I have a little gift for one of my blogger friends, Aoao1111 at CPFunnyGirls. You should totally follow her on Twitter as well. She is one of my blogging inspirations and a funny, friendly penguin. Happy holidays Aoao1111! (Let me know if you want just your penguin transparent, I can send it to you via Twitter if/when I make one).


Merry Walrus Trailer and Air Times

As you penguins may know, the Merry Walrus holiday special is going to be on Disney Channel worldwide this year!

All air dates and times are from the official Club Penguin blog.

UK: December 17 at 6:30pm
US: December 24 at 6:00pm

• December 24 at 17:30 pm on Disney Junior
• December 25 at 10:00 AM on Disney Channel
• December 26 at 19:00 pm on Disney Junior
• December 27 at 12:30 PM on Disney Channel
• January 5, 2015 at 11:30 AM on Disney Channel

• December 25 at 9:00 AM on Disney Channel
• December 27 at 10:30 AM on Disney Channel
• January 5 2015 at 10:00 AM on Disney Channel

• December 25 at 9:30 AM on Disney Channel
• December 25 at 10:00 AM on Disney Channel
• January 5, 2015 at 11:00 AM in Disney Channel

• December 25 at 9:30 AM on Disney Channel
• December 25 at 10:00 AM on Disney Channel
• January 5, 2015 at 10:00 AM in Disney Channel

• December 24 at 17:30 pm on Disney Junior
• December 25 at 9:30 AM on Disney Channel
• December 26 at 19:00 pm on Disney Junior
• January 5 2015 at 11: 00 AM on Disney Channel

• December 24 at 17:30 pm on Disney Junior
• December 26 at 19:00 pm on Disney Junior

• December 23 at 17:40 pm on Disney Channel


• December 24, at 17:00 PM on Disney Junior
• December 25, at 8:30 AM, on Disney Channel
• December 26, at 19:00 PM on Disney Junior
• December 27 at 11:00 am, on Disney Channel
• January 5, 2015, at 11:00 AM, on Disney Channel


• December 20, at 12:00 PM on Disney Channel.


December 23 at 6:30 PM  on Disney Channel

December 23 at 8:30 PM on Disney Cinemagic

December 23 at 6:40 p.m. on Disney X.D.

December 23 at 5:25 p.m. on Disney Junior

INDIA (Thanks to Sajo8!)

December 25 at 4:30 AM on Disney Channel

Glad to see this is a worldwide thing!

Merry Walrus Crystal Puffle Adoption Walkthrough

This post contains major spoilers for those who have not completed the quest yet. If you want to leave the ending a surprise, don’t go past the locations of the crystals.

Anyways, when you go to the gem, today you have to find all of the gems to get earmuffs and/or a crystal puffle! The puffle is currently for members only.


The first crystal is on top of the Dance Club, like any penguin could reach up there.


The second crystal is at the Dock, in between the signs.


As you collect the crystals, they’ll show up in the flower thing. For some reason, there is a bug where it says you didn’t collect anything in the right corner.


The third crystal is at the Lighthouse.


The fourth crystal is in the Forest.


The fifth crystal is on top of the Puffle Hotel. WHY IS IT ALL SO HIGH UP!?


And the final crystal is at the Mine. SPOILERS BELOW.



Once you collect all the crystals, you will be magically zapped somewhere and the Merry Walrus will appear with a gift.


He then tells you that he wants to thank you for donating to CFC by giving you a special prize.


Oh, and 500 coins will still be donated when you do this task. Click on the “adopt” button underneath the crystal puffle.


I had no idea what to name my puffle on the spot, so I just typed in the first thing that came to mind.


After that, you’ll get an adoption certificate saying wild puffles can be cared for at the stations around the island (in the Puffle Park and Hotel).


Christmas card quality right here.


Finally, this is what the crystal puffle looks like on your player card.


I think this task was the best out of all of the tasks for Merry Walrus. What do you guys think? What did you name your puffle?

Also, I might do a “year in review” post. Would you penguins like that? I want to share my thoughts and ideas about this year’s parties and whatnot.

Merry Walrus Task 3 Walkthrough

Hello penguins and welcome back to the Merry Walrus walkthrough! Today, we have to ring bells in the Plaza to spread the word that we’re donating to CFC.


When you go to the Plaza, Merry Walrus will basically restate what I said above.


There are 8 bells (which I managed to crop out -_-), and if you’re a musician you know that it’s the scale/solfege. If you don’t know what the solfege is, it’s the notes in Do Re Mi in the Sound of Music. Anyways, throw a snowball at the bell you want to ring. You can ring the same bell 8 times, or a different bell, etc, as long as you ring 8 times.


The apron collected for members has a special dance with sound! All you have to do is just wear the apron and press ‘D’ or go to the chat bar and select ‘dance’.


Finally, here are the CFC stats as of this morning. I thought the meter would be higher by now…


What do you guys think? What’s your opinion on Merry Walrus?

To see the previous walkthrough, click here.

Merry Walrus Walkthrough and Day 2 Task

Hello Penguins and welcome to the Merry Walrus party of 2014! Sorry I haven’t been on much, holiday stress is catching up to me.

Anyways, when you first log in, Merry Walrus pops up, wishes you a merry walrus (it’s his name and catchphrase!) and fills in players as to why there isn’t a normal holiday party this year. merrywalrus2

The Merry Walrus then tells you that for every tradition you complete, 500 coins will be donated to CFC. You can click on the blue gem to see the coin totals and prizes for completing the traditions.


As far as rooms go, there are shockingly only 12 decorated rooms! The graphics look clean and crisp, but some of the rooms have been recolored in blue for Merry Walrus :/


The Plaza has bells, which are part of the Merry Walrus traditions to be released later…


The mall is back from the Back to School party (which I somehow didn’t blog about)! We can eat little gingerbread penguins 🙂


The Forest has a huge tree 😮 If you throw a snowball at the tree, you put an ornament on it.


The Mine has been recolored from the red/gold/brown holidays color scheme to the Merry Walrus colors. CP has been doing a very good job at choosing and sticking with a color scheme for their parties this year.


The Snow Forts has the Merry Walruses’ sleigh. Very shiny. Wow. Much blue. So party.



The inside of the Coffee Shop looks awesome with mugs full of hot chocolate.


The Dock is decorated for reindeer, or whatever carries the sleigh.


In the school, we have the old elves’ workshop, again recolored for Merry Walrus. What I want to know is if Merry Walrus isn’t supposed to be like Christmas, what/who does he have make the toys?


As for the second tradition, you have to go to the Lighthouse. The Merry Walrus explains that at their holiday meal, they have food fights where you only eat what you can catch, like walruses do. What a coincidence.


All you have to do is throw 10 snowballs (they’ll turn into food). Don’t forget the five second rule.


When you finish, the Merry Walrus will pop up and tell you he’ll donate 500 coins for you to CFC.


These are the available prizes so far:


And these are yet to be unlocked…


These are the coin collection stats as of an hour or so ago. They’ve probably changed drastically since.


As usual, we have our safe chat messages and emotes for the party.

merrywalrus14 merrywalrus15

What do you all think so far? I really want to see what the other traditions are.


Unlockable Item Codes- December 2014

Hey penguins! I hope you’re all enjoying your weekends and preparing for the holidays. Anyways, I do have a small gift for you guys; codes!

The first code is YOURGIFT, all caps.


It unlocks the Merry Walrus medal, which the Merry Walrus himself wears.


The second code is PRINCESS.


It unlocks the Tiara, which can also be obtained via puffle digging.



And now for a random picture… If you can guess the meme, we’ll be friends forever.


“I really need to be doing homework” said the CP player as she procrastinated online.

December 2014 Igloo Catalog

Hello penguins and happy almost-holidays! I’ve been super busy the past few days auditioning for the school musical, which explains the short delay.


Sadly, there are no new igloos this year! I was looking forwards to have a new Merry Walrus iggy 😦 Maybe they’ll give one away for members at the party?iggycatalog2 iggycatalog3

We have some new blue furniture for Merry Walrus this year, but the candy cane and ornament chair have been seen in past years in different colors…


Same goes for the tree and wreath, but I do like the poinsettia plants!


I’m also pretty sure the table was in the Pizza Parlor last year.




If you click on the table, you get a conga drum. Very random.


The next few pages have items that have been reoccurring for a few YEARS now. I wish they could at least switch the layout a little.

iggycatalog8 iggycatalog9 iggycatalog10

Click on the fireplace to get a snowflake, which hasn’t been in the catalog in a while.


What do you guys think? Honestly, I’m not too impressed with this. I’ve been seeing the same catalog for 2 years in a row, and the prices haven’t even changed.

New Page Dedicated to Apps

Hey everyone, it’s Greeny! I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. Anyways, I made a new page today dedicated just to the apps for CP! I currently only have the Puffle Wild guide up there, so take a look! Later I’ll add Sled Racer and the Club Penguin app.

I also got a new puffle named Groot! I wanted to name him Rocket after Rocket the Raccoon (I love Guardians of the Galaxy :D), but I’m waiting for the orange raccoon in Puffle Wild.



What do you penguins think about Puffle Wild so far?

Club Penguin December Updates

Hey everyone! I have a few odds and ends that need to be posted right now, so let’s take a look about what’s in store for this month.

First, a Humbug Holiday is back on the Stage, with the holiday music, lights, and fake snow that gets in your eyes.


Next, the pin is missing! I can’t find a new one so… WHERE DEY AT.


Finally, the Merry Walrus parade is here! You can find it in the Ski Village.


The float is well decorated and contains hints of the new Merry Walrus holiday party :0


However there are a *few* bugs… LOL 😀



And we might be getting new puffles!

Speaking of puffles, I’ve downloaded Puffle Wild 😀 I’ll try and screenshot what I can and upload it.