#WaddleOnCP- Where I’ll be tonight

Hey penguins! Today is that very sad day 😦 I’ll be waddling around on Sleet for another hour or so- my connection might time out so if I disappear, I’m just reloading the website. Come and say hi one last time 😦

edit- I’m on Zipline now!

Final edit- I’m on Permafrost, come say goodbye if you’re on!

Final final edit- Offline now. Thank you to all I saw.

Sappier posts and roundup posts coming this weekend. ❀


Penguin Style November 2014

Hi penguins! Long time no post! Anyways, today I’ll be looking at the Penguin Style for November with y’all! On the first page, we have some fresh threads for guys! The Popstar hair reminds me of a celebrity, but I can’t remember who :s


On the next page, there are some photos. If you click on the guy’s watch, you can get the Puffle Watch.



This page has chic new #OOTDs for girls! The Autumn Floral outfit looks like something I would wear in real life.


The next page has accessories. The cell phone is an old item from the Hollywood Party.



Get ready to sail! This page has recolored classic pirate costumes.



If you click on The Swabbie, you can get the Klutzy Disguise, which used to be a non-member freebie from Operation Blackout.



If you click on the pirate hat, you can get the Squid Lid, a really old freebie.


The Penguin at Work is a goldsmith, even though it’s the blacksmith apron…?


Finally, I made this graphic based on this month’s catalog u_u



POTW: Spence1001

This is a message from Daffo:


It’s Thursday, and you know what that means. Oh yes. It’s Penguin of the Week time.

Spence1001 is a huge – and I mean HUGE – fan of all things Club Penguin. Loyal to his friends, helpful to new players, and always ready to make people laugh! XD

Penguin of the Week

You can nominate a friend for Penguin of the Week in the comments! All POTW winners will get the POTW background and 10,000 coins.


-Club Penguin Team

Congrats Spence!

Club Penguin Doctor Who Costumes!

Happy Halloween! As you might know, I am a HUUuUUUUUuuuuuuuuUUUUUuuuge fan of the hit sci-fi drama, Doctor Who. I’ve kinda made it not-so-obvious :p Anyways, today I decided to do some Club Penguin costumes for Doctor Who! Let the madness begin! DOO WEE OOH!

I started off with the 11th Doctor. His fez is the doorman’s hat from Ruby and the Ruby. You could substitute the fez for floppy hair (which I don’t have) or a Stetson. The moderator Iwearbowties also does a lovely job of showing his inner 11. Don’t forget the bow tie!


I also did the 10th Doctor, my personal favorite. I used the narrow glasses and Flight Attendant uniform to create his look. And as I type, I realize I forgot his Converse. Any sneaker would go for 10.


Next I did the fabulous one and only River Song! I didn’t have any big, curly hair (it was either big or curly, not both). In the second cosplay, I would recommend wearing red heels (I only have white and black ones) and I included her blue book of spoilers.

doctorwho7 doctorwho6

Now we have Donna Noble, the most important woman in the universe. Donna wears mostly solid colors, so any plain colored shirt with pants would go.



Now we have Martha Jones, the defender of the universe. Although she isn’t a favorite companion among many Whovians, her style is pretty cool. A black bun and the hiking outfit creates a Martha look.


Onto Rose Tyler, the Bad Wolf herself. I noticed she mostly wore pink, so I would wear a pink hoodie or tee with blonde hair. Rose wears lots of eye makeup, so I used the Wide Awake lashes to create her look.


Poll: Who are You Supporting?

Hey penguins! Who’s ready for the Penguin Cup? I know I am! Anyways, I want to know who YOU are supporting for the Penguin Cup! I’ll be joining team Green/Space Squids along with Megg and Spike Hike! Vote on the poll below and I’ll post the results later this week. Don’t forget to check out my other polls here!

Also, Megg sent this funny meme to Polo. Gotta love the Avengers!

Embedded image permalink


This also marks my 200th post on WordPress! WOO HOO!

Waddle on, Greeny πŸ˜€

June Penguin Cup Sketches

Earlier this week, Polo released these sketches of the Penguin Cup coming in June. I am going to take a wild and lucky guess on what these pictures mean.

I think this will be the Stadium, obviously. The main events will probably take place here. I don’t know how the teams will be split up like Club Penguin usually would (red, blue, etc.) or if each country is getting their own team.

I think this room is the interview and sports center room. CPEN looks like a parody to CNN, and the log on the floor is either the Lighthouse or Penguin Cup trophy. Personally, I think SportsCenter on ESPN is boring, mostly because I’

Welcome to My Blog!

Hi and welcome to my blog! My penguin name is Greengirl816 and I have been playing Club Penguin since around October 2009. Some of you may know me as Greeny. I started this blog because I wanted to interact more with other players, bloggers, moderators, and friends via the internet. I also started blogging because I would like the internet to be a safer place, one website at a time. Here you will find the latest info on updates, pins, catalogs, spoilers and a few surprises. I also plan to blog about CP fashion, introduce you to my EPIC friends (you know who you are ;]), and maybe have parties and contests. One day, you might find your penguin here!