Field Friday 4/29/16

Hey penguins! So my phone died and I decided to log into CP on a whim when a buddy icon popped up on one of the servers. I was lucky enough to get and see FIELD FRIDAY! Even though Polo left CP???

Either way it was pretty cool.


Here’s Polo’s player card (still the same as always!) I said hello and…


I got a postcard! Thanks so much Polo!


After that, he challenged us to a game of Find Four in the Ski Lodge!


In the Ski Lodge :0


Here he played with Cookiecat107 (cool username btw!)


As it turns out, it’s Bloo1999‘s birthday! Happy birthday, Bloo!


Finally, here is Polo’s igloo.


Here is the info for Bloo’s party:

Again, happy birthday Bloo! Thanks Polo for taking a little time out of your day to surprise everyone!


Happy Holidays from Greengirl816!

Hello penguins, and happy holidays/Merry Walrus/Christmas/Hanukkah/Whatever you celebrate! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic month. From my penguin to yours, happy holidays and new year! I will do a “year in review” post later as well.

In the meantime, I have a little gift for one of my blogger friends, Aoao1111 at CPFunnyGirls. You should totally follow her on Twitter as well. She is one of my blogging inspirations and a funny, friendly penguin. Happy holidays Aoao1111! (Let me know if you want just your penguin transparent, I can send it to you via Twitter if/when I make one).


Poll: Who are You Supporting?

Hey penguins! Who’s ready for the Penguin Cup? I know I am! Anyways, I want to know who YOU are supporting for the Penguin Cup! I’ll be joining team Green/Space Squids along with Megg and Spike Hike! Vote on the poll below and I’ll post the results later this week. Don’t forget to check out my other polls here!

Also, Megg sent this funny meme to Polo. Gotta love the Avengers!

Embedded image permalink


This also marks my 200th post on WordPress! WOO HOO!

Waddle on, Greeny ๐Ÿ˜€

April 2014 Costume Codes!

Hey everyone! Lots of codes have been released this month for outfits!

The code for a snowflake costume this month isย BEFROZEN. Could this mean there’s a Frozen party coming…? O_o


Picture via RadishCP

Another code for the park ranger hat isย NATLPARK.ย This item looks really old; almost rare o.o

Picture via Ferdthebird

Finally, the code for the blue border collie hat is PUFFLES1.ย It looks so fabulous!

Picture via Ferdthebird

Meeting Pup1one!

As I was teasing earlier, with this picture, I finally got to meet Pup1one!

Screenshot 2014-03-16 at 2.55.13 PM

I accidentally-on-purpose crashed his party with his buddies. Bluey656 was recording, but I can’t find the video :p

UPDATE: Found the video! You can watch the adventure below!


We went over to the Sojo and played CJF. I think G Billy One won the game. Btw, fire is my element, so feel free to challenge me anytime.


I was winning for a little while. G Billy One won the game.


After that, we hit some igloos! This is Pup’s igloo from his CP Millionaires show. I’ve been trying to recreate it with different igloos, but the pineapple works the best ๐Ÿ™‚


This is also Pup’s igloo from the Fair video he made. I was also having a staring competition with the bear :p


Finally, I got a postcard from Pup! Now I have 5 or 6 postcards from famous penguins O u O


St. Patrick’s Day Fun!

Hey everyone! Today my hoodie buddies and I teamed up and decided to attack CP with Saint Patrick’s Day spirit! WOO HOO! This is one of my favorite holidays because everyone wears green ๐Ÿ˜‰

I snapped a few pics before I had to go :p

stpattys1 stpattys2 stpattys3 stpattys4


Here are some outfits people were wearing:

stpattyfash1 stpattyfash2 stpattyfash3 stpattyfash4 stpattyfash5


On the other hand, I have a lot of things I’m behind on posting including some exciting news that have to do with this picture… DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

Screenshot 2014-03-16 at 2.55.13 PM


Have a great Saint Patty’s day!

Player Card Picture

I have a LOT of pictures of me meeting famous penguins, bloggers, and moderators. One thing I like to do is to take a picture of their player card for proof that I met them. I went into my photo editor (I use Pizap. Not the best, but still something.) and made a nice collage of most of the player cards I have.ย 


Try and see if you can name everyone! It’s a little challenging…

Starting from the left corner: Aoao1111, The 4 Star, Cw700, some beta guy,Chrisdog93, Ferdthebird.

Right column going down: Kallie Jo, Megg, Ninjakrom, Norgit.

Bottom row going left: Pup1one (member and nonmember), Riyita, Saraapril, The Shy Guy.

Left Column going up: Scaredy Kat, Waddles26813, Painterbird.

It truly is an honor to meet other penguins that blog from all over the world.

CRAZY Fair Day!

I logged into CP for a second just to check on my account and noticed that I suddenly got a Rookie stamp. My mind instantly went to “but I never met him…”. Well, it turns out, HE WAS ON!

It turns out, SARAAPRIL was there too! I got to meet her and tried to friend her and get her to send me a postcard. I’m still not sure if she knew I was there -_-

meetingsaraaprilย ย saraaprilplayercard

I COMPLETELY forgot to add Rookie and get his background ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

LATER, I was on Pup1one’s website and won the code for the Puffle Treehouse giveaway! Thank you SO MUCH PUP1ONE! I named my new puffle after you O u O

Wait, I might not have won. Nothing is showing up in my inventory ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Screenshot 2014-02-23 at 7.03.08 PM

Did I win or not? DUN DUN DUN!

UPDATE: No, I did not win. I am SO SO SO SO SO ย SO SO SO SOOOOOOOO sorry to Pup1one for this big mess! Thank you for putting the code up, your kindness is appreciated :’)