Turbo Race 3000 Walkthrough

Hey everyone! I made my first walkthrough video for the Turbo Race!

Feel free to like, comment, subscribe, or anything really. Enjoy the mini-party!


Frozen Party CONFIRMED for August!

Hey everyone! The Frozen party has been confirmed by Polo Field, according to this interview by Mrzero3. There are also more features coming to the CP app, like quests, the Frozen party, and a few technical things. CP is also releasing two more apps for Sled Racing and a new game called Puffle Wild. Pretty awesome!

AND the Iceberg might finally be able to tip! WOW!

During the Frozen party, we will be able to adopt Olaf puffles, play in Arendelle, become Olaf or Marshmallow, we can BUILD A SNOWMAAAAAAN (sorry, that song), visit Elsa in her Ice Castle, and throw freezing snowballs. The Arendelle rooms will start out normal and Summer-like, but gradually turn more icy.

What do you think? I think YAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS! I kind of like the Disney takeovers, but not like last Summer when there were four in a row. That was a little much for me.

UPDATE: Megg has announced on the official CP blog that Frozen in confirmed!

There have been rumors floating around and some of you may have already seen some confirmation of this month’s party.
Well, here is your official Club Penguin Team-stamped confirmation seal of approval! (Did that even make sense?)

Everything is true! Club Penguin and Disney’s Frozen are coming together! 😀
Stay tuned to the blog, as we’ll have more details and sneak peeks coming soon!
Waddle on,
-Club Penguin Team

We Decide: Halloween Costumes

Megg wants us to help pick out which Halloween costume CP should bring back this year for Halloween! I guess the CP team is really ahead of the game for planning :p Here are the options:

All you have to do is go to the CP blog and comment which costume you want to see. I would like to see the dragon costume, because dragons XD Which one do you want to bring back?

Penguin Band and Cadence Meet Up Times

Hello everyone! I just realized that I didn’t post the meet-up times that were posted before these on the CP blog. I’ve been on and off marathoning BBC shows 😉 It’s a big habit of mine and my friends cx (.gif via Tumblr)

Anyways, here are the meet-up times. Megg also said that a few were left out, so it would be harder to find the Penguin Band and Cadence.

Thursday, July 24
 * 3:15pm on the server Chinook (Penguin Band Only)
Friday, July 25
 * 8:30am on the server Jack Frost (Penguin Band Only)
Saturday, July 26
 * 8:30am on the server Cloudy (Penguin Band Only)
 * 3:00pm on the server Northern Lights (Penguin Band and Cadence)
Sunday, July 27
 * 3:00pm on the server White Out (Penguin Band and Cadence)
Tuesday, July 29
 * 11:00am on the server Chinook (Penguin Band and Cadence)
All times are listed in PST! Check the clock at the Snow Forts to see the Penguin Time.

UK Magazine Sneak Peek

This is a post from Daffodaily5:

I just grabbed the latest copy of the UK Club Penguin Magazine, hot off the press! And you know me, I always like to give you guys an EXCLUSIVE inside look into the mag before it hits the shelves.
This month it’s all about SUMMER HOLIDAAAAAAAAYS! There are some cool features, such as mind-blogging camping holiday puzzles to solve, two EPIC posters, as well as a Beard Battle between Rookie and Sensei – that must be one hairy tale 😉
Let’s not forget Cadence’s Fashion Tips, which is one of my fave sections. I felt very inspired today and decided that my blue puffle deserved a little makeover… into a MERMAID! What do you think? She seems very happy with her new look, don’t you think?

To get your hands on the new issue of the UK mag, it’s available to purchase from Thursday, July 24th! This month’s issue also comes with a code for a 1 month membership! Let me know in the comments what parts of the magazine you’re excited to see. Or if you’ve got any mermaid transformation tips for my puffle, please feel free to share! 😀
-Club Penguin Team
That’s awesome! I have green and blue puffle plushies in my room. I remember when I was younger, I would play Card-Jitsu with them 🙂

Music Jam 2014 Walkthrough!

Hey penguins! The Music Jam is finally here, featuring Cadence, the Penguin Band, Cole Plante, Zendaya, Sabrina Carpenter, and Violetta. There is a new login screen that would make an epic .gif if I had the software to make one.


When you log in, Cadence pops up, telling you that you’re on the Music Cruise! She tells you that the funny looking icon is your “schedule” that has all the details on show times and prizes.


This is what the schedule looks like. Obviously, there are more prizes at this point, but I’m posting late, so this is the picture I have.


This is the center of the boat. Club Penguin did a good job picking a color scheme!


Here you can see the bands and singers perform their new songs. You can also play SoundStudio (walkthrough coming later)


Click on Cadence/The Penguin Band to get their backgrounds. The Penguin Band’s is the same as it was in the Fair, and Cadence’s hasn’t changed for a while too.



Here is what the map of the boat looks like:



This is the dining area of the cruise. You can see the night sky, as promised by CP.


Inside you can eat and dance to your SoundStudio tunes.


In the middle of the boat, there’s a pool with two musical slides! I got an action shot :O


Here is the boiler room of the ship. I think if you get one penguin to stand on each “x”, then you can play a song.


What do you think about the Music Jam so far? I think it’s pretty cool!

Code for Pink Fairy Wings

Hey everyone! Sorry for my unannounced break, I don’t know if I said this before but I got a huge part in a musical camp and it’s taking up 90% of my time. ANYWAYS, to make up for it, I have a code for Pink Fairy Wings. The code is FILMFEST.

And I just entered the code and forgot to take screenshots. Very smooth, Greeny >.<

But as I type, there’s an Iggy Azalea penguin online. I took a screenshot of her!


Looking fancy! Ahaha, get it?