Puffle Wild

Hello penguins and welcome to my Puffle Wild walkthrough! Since this is more permanent information, I thought this needed it’s own page. All pictures are screenshotted by yours truly on my phone.


Setting Up:

When you first launch Puffle Wild, the screen will look something like this. You will have to log in with your penguin to play with your puffles.


If you tap on “My Puffles”, a list of your puffles will come up. Any puffle that is grayed out you do not own. If you click on a puffle, it will tell you their name and what kind of O’Berries they eat.


If you go to play, PH will pop up and tell about the puffle wilds and how the new puffles are really powerful.


Once you’re done with all the tutorials, you can see the full map.



The game is really simple, like Candy Crush without lives. All you have to do is swipe up and down to match the O’Berries in at least rows of 3.


You have a certain number of moves, so you need to choose wisely.


When you run out of moves, all your O’Berry combos (see below for more on those) will explode and your score will total up.


When you beat a level, you obviously get a new one.



Easy peasy, right? But what if you match more than 3 O’Berries? If you watch 4, you get a Berry Blaster. Berry Blasters can be matched up with other berries of the same color for a bigger explosion.


If you make an “L” or “T” shape with the berries, you can get a Zap Blaster. These also work like the Berry Blasters.


If you match 5 berries in a row, you can make a Super Blaster. These can be paired with any berry and will make all of the berries of that color explode.



So, where do the puffles come in? Each puffle has a special power to help you, like make blasters, clear the board, give you more moves, and the like.


Each puffle also feeds off of a certain berry color. Blue puffles go with blue, red with red, gold with gold, etc. If you go to the puffle menu and go through it, you can see which puffle eats what berry.


When you match the corresponding berry to the puffle, you get to fill up your puffle’s charge meter.


When your puffle is all charged up, you can use their special ability!


For example, blue puffles kick the ball into the board and power up one berry.


Again, when you finish with the tutorials, you can select your own puffles. You have to pay attention to which O’Berries will be on the board; so for this board I would choose a blue, green, red, or white puffle. Members can play with 3 puffles at a time while non-members can play with one.


When you go in to select a puffle, this screen will show up. Simply drag the puffle you want onto a shelf.


As of December 2014, the app is available for Apple devices. Some in-app purchases may be made. Ask for your parents’ permission before downloading anything.


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