Greengirl816 Inventory Catalog

Good morning penguins! This is my first post after the desktop version of Club Penguin has closed… Anyways, I went through and screenshotted my inventory as promised! I have over 100 pages of items in my player card inventory but I skipped through my “pins” section and saved those screenshots from my stampbook. I spent over 2 hours going through these screenshots and cropping them down to a reasonable size.

A couple of other things- At one point, my inventory glitched with the head items section, so I may or may not be missing some head items :/ I also went on a final shopping spree before I did this with the free membership and spent about $2ok coins on clothes, hair, accessories, shoes, etc. I had about $70k coins before my final shopping spree and I ended Club Penguin with $40k left (I spent some on igloo items too). I didn’t necessarily catalog my igloo items because of the way that’s formatted but I’ll make a separate post for that.

Anyways, enjoy my 7(ish) years worth of Club Penguin collecting!

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