Club Penguin Halloween Panic! Special 2015

Wow that title felt weird to write. Panic! At the Dance Club amirite

Happy Halloween penguins! This Halloween, Club Penguin has released a Halloween special called “Club Penguin Halloween Panic!”. The 30 minute stop-motion animation follows the plot of a penguin named Blizzard, who prefers tricking over treating. After ruining his friend’s Halloween igloo, he befriends another prankster- but he’s a ghost! They accidentally release a swarm of spooky ghosts on the island :0 I won’t spoil the rest, but it’s pretty cool.

Watch it THIS WEEKEND ONLY on the blog here!

Fun fact- does the voice of Gary sound familiar to you Disney fans? It’s Wallace Shawn, aka Rex from Toy Story!


Merry Walrus Crystal Puffle Adoption Walkthrough

This post contains major spoilers for those who have not completed the quest yet. If you want to leave the ending a surprise, don’t go past the locations of the crystals.

Anyways, when you go to the gem, today you have to find all of the gems to get earmuffs and/or a crystal puffle! The puffle is currently for members only.


The first crystal is on top of the Dance Club, like any penguin could reach up there.


The second crystal is at the Dock, in between the signs.


As you collect the crystals, they’ll show up in the flower thing. For some reason, there is a bug where it says you didn’t collect anything in the right corner.


The third crystal is at the Lighthouse.


The fourth crystal is in the Forest.


The fifth crystal is on top of the Puffle Hotel. WHY IS IT ALL SO HIGH UP!?


And the final crystal is at the Mine. SPOILERS BELOW.



Once you collect all the crystals, you will be magically zapped somewhere and the Merry Walrus will appear with a gift.


He then tells you that he wants to thank you for donating to CFC by giving you a special prize.


Oh, and 500 coins will still be donated when you do this task. Click on the “adopt” button underneath the crystal puffle.


I had no idea what to name my puffle on the spot, so I just typed in the first thing that came to mind.


After that, you’ll get an adoption certificate saying wild puffles can be cared for at the stations around the island (in the Puffle Park and Hotel).


Christmas card quality right here.


Finally, this is what the crystal puffle looks like on your player card.


I think this task was the best out of all of the tasks for Merry Walrus. What do you guys think? What did you name your puffle?

Also, I might do a “year in review” post. Would you penguins like that? I want to share my thoughts and ideas about this year’s parties and whatnot.

Club Penguin Holiday Special Behind the Scenes

It’s finally happening! Club Penguin is making their first TV debut, and it’s going to be the event of the holidays! “We Wish You a Merry Walrus” will include Rockhopper, along with two other new penguins. The show will be feature length and in stop-motion animation.

The best part about CP’s first little movie is that Merry Walrus is becoming a holiday on CP this year! Instead of having the traditional holiday party, which is mostly Santa-centered, we’re going to be celebrating Merry Walrus instead! I think this is cool because A) now everyone can be involved (not everyone celebrates Christmas) and B) a Club Penguin culture is starting to develop more.

January 2015 Party Confirmed

Hey penguins! As some of you might know, Megg announced the January party on the Club Penguin blog, and it’s another Star Wars party. Last time we had a Star Wars party, it was the takeover Summer of 2013, as I like to call it. We had to fight Darth Herbert with the help of Princess Cadence/Leia (I know nothing about Star Wars). I didn’t really go on much for the party as Star Wars is not my favorite sci-fi movie.

Personally, I’m not really excited for the Star Wars party. January is one of my last months before my membership expires, and I was hoping for a good party to end my membership with. As far as me watching Star Wars, my dad and my younger cousin are obsessed with the old versions from way back when, but I prefer Doctor Who, or Marvel. I think it would be cool if they did a GOTG takeover instead, however GOTG isn’t exactly suitable for all ages.

*Side note for legal stuff: I do NOT own Star Wars or Disney.

Megg’s School and Skate Party Sneak Peek!

Megg uploaded this awesome video to YouTube about her adventures at the School and Skate party!

A few notes:

  • The mall is totally awesome. I don’t know about you, but the mall I go to is lots of fun! Glad they could capture that in CP 😉
  • Always read books. Especially when you have to read one for school and you have to finish half of it in two days… haha not like I have to do that instead of blogging

What do you think? Club Penguin movie yay or nay?

Frozen Party CONFIRMED for August!

Hey everyone! The Frozen party has been confirmed by Polo Field, according to this interview by Mrzero3. There are also more features coming to the CP app, like quests, the Frozen party, and a few technical things. CP is also releasing two more apps for Sled Racing and a new game called Puffle Wild. Pretty awesome!

AND the Iceberg might finally be able to tip! WOW!

During the Frozen party, we will be able to adopt Olaf puffles, play in Arendelle, become Olaf or Marshmallow, we can BUILD A SNOWMAAAAAAN (sorry, that song), visit Elsa in her Ice Castle, and throw freezing snowballs. The Arendelle rooms will start out normal and Summer-like, but gradually turn more icy.

What do you think? I think YAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS! I kind of like the Disney takeovers, but not like last Summer when there were four in a row. That was a little much for me.

UPDATE: Megg has announced on the official CP blog that Frozen in confirmed!

There have been rumors floating around and some of you may have already seen some confirmation of this month’s party.
Well, here is your official Club Penguin Team-stamped confirmation seal of approval! (Did that even make sense?)

Everything is true! Club Penguin and Disney’s Frozen are coming together! 😀
Stay tuned to the blog, as we’ll have more details and sneak peeks coming soon!
Waddle on,
-Club Penguin Team

UK Magazine Sneak Peek

This is a post from Daffodaily5:

I just grabbed the latest copy of the UK Club Penguin Magazine, hot off the press! And you know me, I always like to give you guys an EXCLUSIVE inside look into the mag before it hits the shelves.
This month it’s all about SUMMER HOLIDAAAAAAAAYS! There are some cool features, such as mind-blogging camping holiday puzzles to solve, two EPIC posters, as well as a Beard Battle between Rookie and Sensei – that must be one hairy tale 😉
Let’s not forget Cadence’s Fashion Tips, which is one of my fave sections. I felt very inspired today and decided that my blue puffle deserved a little makeover… into a MERMAID! What do you think? She seems very happy with her new look, don’t you think?

To get your hands on the new issue of the UK mag, it’s available to purchase from Thursday, July 24th! This month’s issue also comes with a code for a 1 month membership! Let me know in the comments what parts of the magazine you’re excited to see. Or if you’ve got any mermaid transformation tips for my puffle, please feel free to share! 😀
-Club Penguin Team
That’s awesome! I have green and blue puffle plushies in my room. I remember when I was younger, I would play Card-Jitsu with them 🙂

Spoiler Alert Episode 26- Finale

In this episode of the Spoiler Alert, the season concludes with the igloo catalog and finally finding out what’s behind door 2…

I really love the new igloo catalog! I’ve been looking for some more homely furnishings for my igloo (if you’ve seen my igloo, you might notice that the Christmas stove and oven doesn’t match the Prehistoric fridge or the brick pizza oven). We can also get a SoundStudio in our igloos! A I also have to agree that the Megg Takeover was awesome 😀


Music Jam Update with Spoilers!

This is a message from Megg:

I can’t believe it’s July 1 tomorrow, time is flying! First off, congrats to the Sharks for their epic win of the Penguin Cup. *claps*
Now for some awesome Music Jam news!
For those who asked to have nighttime in Club Penguin, you’re in luck! I’m extremely excited to announce that this party will have both day and night… for the first time in CP history! Like in the real world, we’ll have daytime and nighttime in some rooms of the party. Check it out:

Wait! There’s more – I’ve got my hands on the set list of performers for the party? Want to see? Who am I kidding, of course you do!

That’s right, Cadence and all 4 members of the Penguin Band will be walking around the island to party with everyone. This is the first full appearance from the PB in quite a while, so it’s super special!
We’ll also be hosting some special musical guests at the big festival, including Cole Plante, Zendaya, Violetta, and next month’s featured artist, Sabrina Carpenter! Stay tuned to the blog for an exclusive interview with Sabrina, too.
Music Jam starts on July 17. We’ll share some more sneak peeks over the next week.
Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team
First thing: NIGHT TIME! OH YEAAAAH! The CP community has been asking about this for AGES and it’s finally happening! I think night in Club Penguin is pretty cool. This calls for a Doctor Who/ Jack Harkness reaction .gif! (via Tumblr)
Next thing: The Disney channel stars. I’ve mentioned this SO many times before, I think it’s just time to make a rant post. I don’t really want to be THAT blogger who has to complain EVERY TIME about Disney. Another Doctor Who reaction .gif  video is needed.

The Spoiler Alert Episode 25

This week’s episode spoils the new Penguin Style catalog for July. The dialog is hard to hear (or I just have really bad headphones).

I think it’s super cool that Club Penguin is doing their own mini music festival. I can pretend to be hipster Greeny and do everything before it was cool :3 I’ll probably make memes out of that XD