Star Wars Bots?

Hi penguins, it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted… yikes! Anyways, I logged in for the Finding Dory party today (it’s so cute) and saw a penguin surrounded by other penguins. They were all moving together.


It was kind of scary, actually.


I asked the penguin in the center how he did it and all he said was “not mine”. I’m assuming most of his message got cut off by the filter. Another thing about the filter, did you know that “try our famous New England clam chowder” will go through? I found that weird.


I’m not really sure why I wrote this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Waddle on!


Deluxe Gingerbread Igloo Bug?

Heya penguins! So when you logged in on the 25th (or any day after really) the Merry Walrus pops up and prompts you to collect the gingerbread igloo from the advent calendar. Which I forgot to take a screenshot of.

Anyways, as a non-member, I was happy to get a free igloo only to find that…holidayigloobug

I can’t use it. In holiday parties past, the Sweet Swirl Igloo was given away for everyone even though it was basically a pink version of a previous igloo. I don’t understand why this would be available for everyone but can only be used by members other than another method to get you to buy a membership…

I, Greengirl816, Became a Fire Ninja!

Hello penguins, and happy new year! I am pleased to inform you all that I am now a fire ninja! Woo! I’ve had the entire outfit for around 3 years now, but never actually bothered to challenge Sensei, LOL.


Sensei awarded me with the gem this morning but I am not a snow ninja yet… weird bug :0


Here is my new and improved amulet on my player card. It doesn’t have the snow gem there though…



Even though I could do the fire dance before, I feel more official now 😀


So, now I’m a Card Jitsu ninja and a fire ninja! I’m trying to work on beating the Card Jitsu snow, but that takes a LOT longer. What ninja status are you? Have you ever beat Sensei before?

Club Penguin December Updates

Hey everyone! I have a few odds and ends that need to be posted right now, so let’s take a look about what’s in store for this month.

First, a Humbug Holiday is back on the Stage, with the holiday music, lights, and fake snow that gets in your eyes.


Next, the pin is missing! I can’t find a new one so… WHERE DEY AT.


Finally, the Merry Walrus parade is here! You can find it in the Ski Village.


The float is well decorated and contains hints of the new Merry Walrus holiday party :0


However there are a *few* bugs… LOL 😀



And we might be getting new puffles!

Speaking of puffles, I’ve downloaded Puffle Wild 😀 I’ll try and screenshot what I can and upload it.

Is the Penguin Cup Stadium Here to Stay?

Yesterday, I was hanging out at the stadium with Josh, when I realized that the Penguin Cup Stadium didn’t update! I thought it was a bug, but then I thought it could be here to stay, like they did with the Cove last year during the Teen Beach Movie party. What do you think about the new stadium update? I think the old one was better because it didn’t lag as much and our penguins were bigger. The new stadium lags because it has the animated scoreboard.


Hacker Found in Zipline

Recently, there has been a chain of hackers in the more popular servers (Blizzard, Abominable, etc.) sending out fake postcards. Rumor has it about 8,000 penguins have received one of these postcards and most of them got banned. (Picture via @NinjajayCP)

Anyways, I saw ANOTHER hacker who wasn’t doing anything malicious, just making the room glitch. He kept saying something about how he wasn’t on CP, which led me to believe he was using a program that had extracted .swfs and used those to project an image to look like he was doing something. Also, he may have permed the filter so anything could get through because he was saying some pretty long sentences that normally wouldn’t go through.


He was trying to make a joke out of it, but I was kind of freaked out that


Again, he kept saying something about how he wasn’t on CP.


After that, he made the hockey puck glitch and go all over the place. It was super freaky because no one was hitting it.



Finally, someone said he can EDIT YOUR PENGUIN o.o so I ran into some random igloo on the map.

Twitter Updates from Important Penguins

Yes, I know, I’m not on Twitter (YET! I will probably make a personal one to test with first, then a CP one) but these tweets seem to speak it all. First we have this tweet from Rsnail, one of Club Penguin’s creators. I honestly think this is a good idea XD


Next, Polo possibly confirms that the old hoodies are coming back. Polo, if you are reading this, if you bring them back, you shall bring joy to the older penguins who only have one old hoodie (like me XD)


Spike Hike also said there are NO plans for a Marvel takeover. Of course, the one year I actually watch a Marvel movie, I like it and understand what was going on at the takeover. (I watched the Avengers. LOKI IS MINE BTW)


Finally, we have this helpful update from Rafaelmouta. I don’t know him, but thanks for the update buddy. (Am I the only one who still plays Game Day and Wii in general??)