Greengirl816 Inventory Catalog

Good morning penguins! This is my first post after the desktop version of Club Penguin has closed… Anyways, I went through and screenshotted my inventory as promised! I have over 100 pages of items in my player card inventory but I skipped through my “pins” section and saved those screenshots from my stampbook. I spent over 2 hours going through these screenshots and cropping them down to a reasonable size.

A couple of other things- At one point, my inventory glitched with the head items section, so I may or may not be missing some head items :/ I also went on a final shopping spree before I did this with the free membership and spent about $2ok coins on clothes, hair, accessories, shoes, etc. I had about $70k coins before my final shopping spree and I ended Club Penguin with $40k left (I spent some on igloo items too). I didn’t necessarily catalog my igloo items because of the way that’s formatted but I’ll make a separate post for that.

Anyways, enjoy my 7(ish) years worth of Club Penguin collecting!

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Club Penguin Closing…

Hello Penguins,

So it has sadly been announced that yes indeed, Club Penguin is closing. I obviously have not been as involved in the penguin community in a very long time and I’ve honestly lost touch with it. A lot of the creators and friends I knew from here have moved on.

However, I will try my very hardest to make up for what I have missed. In the coming months, I’m planning on cataloging my inventory publicly- including my clothes, Puffles, furniture, igloos, etc. It will all be posted on here. I do have a new computer (at long last), so I may make it a video on there (no promises).

As for my blog, it’s staying up as far as I’m aware of. I may have to close it publicly at some point for personal reasons. With WordPress, I can password-protect my blog so only anyone who knows the password can access it.

And finally, personal matters. Now is not the time for tears, my friends. I’ve made my sappy posts in the past and I’m sure there’s plenty more to come. Again, I’ve lost touch with the community on here and have moved on. I’ve become a giant anime nerd now… whoops. My writing style has changed drastically (if you ever get a chance to, STUDY GRAMMAR. I cannot emphasize how important it is in life in general as well as making an impression online!)

Will I be playing Penguin Island? I honestly don’t know but probably not. I don’t know how it works, but I would like to preserve my username on there if it’s not taken already just in case.

Later, Greeny

Alright, What’s the Plan?

Hey penguins,

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been sort of on and off here for the past few months. My daily life is just so busy, plus I have to balance my time wisely (totally not watching Sailor Moon or blogging instead of doing history notes). However, I think I’ve found a compromise!

I’m going to try to blog during long breaks! This means whenever I don’t have school or something important and I’m feeling up to it, I’ll blog!

My interests are ever-shifting, so I’ll try to keep up the best I can.

Thanks for the patience, Greeny

Greengirl816’s Hiatus

This post is sticky- scroll down to see the latest news.

Hey penguins- long time no post. These past months have been really hectic for me and my personal life. I got a main role in the school musical and I have a lot of testing to do in school. On top of that, I’ve been on and off fighting with my parents and having other personal issues, which I do not not wish to talk about. I think it may be best to take a hiatus (break) from blogging and CP for a while. If it’s not obvious, I’m slowly loosing interest in CP. It’s not fun for me anymore because all my friends, real and online, have quit. The community is starting to annoy me with complaining and drama. Sadly, the game itself is lacking effort and creativity.

I’m not quitting- I’m just taking a break for a few months. I’ve already canceled my membership, but I might re-activate it soon. On my break, I plan to channel my time and energy into school, as I’m not doing to well. I need to pick up my grades and fix things with my parents. The musical is taking up most of my time, but that will be over in about 3 weeks 😦 After the musical, I have testing galore, and I have to worry about school next year for me because I need some special adjustments. After that, I don’t know. It’s not easy being green.

I’ll come on here from time to time to check out what’s going on, maybe post a little. Don’t expect too much though.

I, Greengirl816, Became a Fire Ninja!

Hello penguins, and happy new year! I am pleased to inform you all that I am now a fire ninja! Woo! I’ve had the entire outfit for around 3 years now, but never actually bothered to challenge Sensei, LOL.


Sensei awarded me with the gem this morning but I am not a snow ninja yet… weird bug :0


Here is my new and improved amulet on my player card. It doesn’t have the snow gem there though…



Even though I could do the fire dance before, I feel more official now 😀


So, now I’m a Card Jitsu ninja and a fire ninja! I’m trying to work on beating the Card Jitsu snow, but that takes a LOT longer. What ninja status are you? Have you ever beat Sensei before?

New Page Dedicated to Apps

Hey everyone, it’s Greeny! I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. Anyways, I made a new page today dedicated just to the apps for CP! I currently only have the Puffle Wild guide up there, so take a look! Later I’ll add Sled Racer and the Club Penguin app.

I also got a new puffle named Groot! I wanted to name him Rocket after Rocket the Raccoon (I love Guardians of the Galaxy :D), but I’m waiting for the orange raccoon in Puffle Wild.



What do you penguins think about Puffle Wild so far?

Thanksgiving Update from Greeny

Hey everyone, so so so so sooooo sorry I haven’t been posting lately 😦 School and life in general have been taking up a lot of my time, and I’ve been having a boatload of unresolvable computer issues. I’ve been trying to go on CP as much as I can to get the Pirate Party items and record my YouTube channel, but it always crashes. I don’t know how much longer I won’t be able to blog, but I am trying my hardest to work all my technical issues out.

Have a safe and happy holiday, Greeny.

Club Penguin Doctor Who Costumes!

Happy Halloween! As you might know, I am a HUUuUUUUUuuuuuuuuUUUUUuuuge fan of the hit sci-fi drama, Doctor Who. I’ve kinda made it not-so-obvious :p Anyways, today I decided to do some Club Penguin costumes for Doctor Who! Let the madness begin! DOO WEE OOH!

I started off with the 11th Doctor. His fez is the doorman’s hat from Ruby and the Ruby. You could substitute the fez for floppy hair (which I don’t have) or a Stetson. The moderator Iwearbowties also does a lovely job of showing his inner 11. Don’t forget the bow tie!


I also did the 10th Doctor, my personal favorite. I used the narrow glasses and Flight Attendant uniform to create his look. And as I type, I realize I forgot his Converse. Any sneaker would go for 10.


Next I did the fabulous one and only River Song! I didn’t have any big, curly hair (it was either big or curly, not both). In the second cosplay, I would recommend wearing red heels (I only have white and black ones) and I included her blue book of spoilers.

doctorwho7 doctorwho6

Now we have Donna Noble, the most important woman in the universe. Donna wears mostly solid colors, so any plain colored shirt with pants would go.



Now we have Martha Jones, the defender of the universe. Although she isn’t a favorite companion among many Whovians, her style is pretty cool. A black bun and the hiking outfit creates a Martha look.


Onto Rose Tyler, the Bad Wolf herself. I noticed she mostly wore pink, so I would wear a pink hoodie or tee with blonde hair. Rose wears lots of eye makeup, so I used the Wide Awake lashes to create her look.


Photoshop Updates

Hey everyone! I finally downloaded Photoshop, and made a few things with it! As you may have noticed, I made a new YouTube banner:


Doesn’t it look great? I LOVE the TARDIS color and navy eyeliner. I have a smaller version I may use for profile pictures as well. Then I got bored, so I automatically went to second nature and…


Clara Oswald happened. Ehehe, I just love it! Anyways, I figured as a tribute to the next Doctor landing soon, I’m going to make a boatload of Doctor Who custom penguins! I’m also going to go through my friends list and try to make as many customs of my friends as I can. I cannot guarantee everyone will get one. Chances are you will get a custom penguin of whatever you look like that day or if I know you have a signature style. I’ll probably make a page dedicated to custom penguins or something.

Err, side note for legal stuff in case anyone has to sue me: I DO NOT OWN DOCTOR WHO, BBC, OR ANYTHING.