Hi everyone! I made this blogroll to help spread the word about other blogs. NOTE: Do NOT ask to be put on here! If you want to be on here, you have to earn it!


Waddles26813 and Sajo8 cover all the latest fashion and furniture for CP.

Aoao1111’s blog is always being updated with the latest party news.

Pingping4069 is also a friend of Aoao1111’s and has a CP blog too.

Pup1one has an awesome website and makes cool videos on his YouTube Channel weekly!

CP Imagineers is a blog made up of 7 different bloggers on CP!

This blog is focused on just CP igloos!

Loo978’s blog has lots of walkthroughs and tutorials for CP.

Blue21102 has an awesome blog where he announces his own polls, POTWs, and parties!

Club Penguin Reveals is ran by several awesome authors!



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