Deluxe Gingerbread Igloo Bug?

Heya penguins! So when you logged in on the 25th (or any day after really) the Merry Walrus pops up and prompts you to collect the gingerbread igloo from the advent calendar. Which I forgot to take a screenshot of.

Anyways, as a non-member, I was happy to get a free igloo only to find that…holidayigloobug

I can’t use it. In holiday parties past, the Sweet Swirl Igloo was given away for everyone even though it was basically a pink version of a previous igloo. I don’t understand why this would be available for everyone but can only be used by members other than another method to get you to buy a membership…


Happy New Year from Greeny!

Happy 2016 penguins! At the Ski Hill and Iceberg, there’s fireworks going off and dance mats- a new addition!newyear1

2015 was a wild ride for me in real life, and I’m hoping it only gets better. Cheers to another year of blogging!newyear2