Greengirl816 Inventory Catalog

Good morning penguins! This is my first post after the desktop version of Club Penguin has closed… Anyways, I went through and screenshotted my inventory as promised! I have over 100 pages of items in my player card inventory but I skipped through my “pins” section and saved those screenshots from my stampbook. I spent over 2 hours going through these screenshots and cropping them down to a reasonable size.

A couple of other things- At one point, my inventory glitched with the head items section, so I may or may not be missing some head items :/ I also went on a final shopping spree before I did this with the free membership and spent about $2ok coins on clothes, hair, accessories, shoes, etc. I had about $70k coins before my final shopping spree and I ended Club Penguin with $40k left (I spent some on igloo items too). I didn’t necessarily catalog my igloo items because of the way that’s formatted but I’ll make a separate post for that.

Anyways, enjoy my 7(ish) years worth of Club Penguin collecting!

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Happy Holidays from Greengirl816!

Hello penguins, and happy holidays/Merry Walrus/Christmas/Hanukkah/Whatever you celebrate! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic month. From my penguin to yours, happy holidays and new year! I will do a “year in review” post later as well.

In the meantime, I have a little gift for one of my blogger friends, Aoao1111 at CPFunnyGirls. You should totally follow her on Twitter as well. She is one of my blogging inspirations and a funny, friendly penguin. Happy holidays Aoao1111! (Let me know if you want just your penguin transparent, I can send it to you via Twitter if/when I make one).


Poll: Who are You Supporting?

Hey penguins! Who’s ready for the Penguin Cup? I know I am! Anyways, I want to know who YOU are supporting for the Penguin Cup! I’ll be joining team Green/Space Squids along with Megg and Spike Hike! Vote on the poll below and I’ll post the results later this week. Don’t forget to check out my other polls here!

Also, Megg sent this funny meme to Polo. Gotta love the Avengers!

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This also marks my 200th post on WordPress! WOO HOO!

Waddle on, Greeny 😀

June Mini Party!

Megg has announced on the CP blog that a new mini party is coming in June, just like the one we had in May at the dock.

The party will be a prom and graduation at the University. Bring your best gown or tux and get your boogie on from June 12-18!

SIDE NOTE: Congratulations to Trainman1405 for graduating high school! You even got the CP team to make a party for you! If you’re on Twitter, the CP community is trying to get #HireTrainman to trend so he can get his dream job at Club Penguin! (Custom by G Billy One)

Waddle On!

Twitter Updates from Important Penguins

Yes, I know, I’m not on Twitter (YET! I will probably make a personal one to test with first, then a CP one) but these tweets seem to speak it all. First we have this tweet from Rsnail, one of Club Penguin’s creators. I honestly think this is a good idea XD


Next, Polo possibly confirms that the old hoodies are coming back. Polo, if you are reading this, if you bring them back, you shall bring joy to the older penguins who only have one old hoodie (like me XD)


Spike Hike also said there are NO plans for a Marvel takeover. Of course, the one year I actually watch a Marvel movie, I like it and understand what was going on at the takeover. (I watched the Avengers. LOKI IS MINE BTW)


Finally, we have this helpful update from Rafaelmouta. I don’t know him, but thanks for the update buddy. (Am I the only one who still plays Game Day and Wii in general??)


Spring Break Notice

This post is sticky, please scroll down to see the latest news!

Hey everyone! As you may all know, spring break is really soon. I will be traveling (not saying where) and super busy this week. I apologize in advance if I can’t update my blog quick enough or if I’m not online. There is not a lot of WiFi where I’m going too, which REALLY doesn’t help. I want to leave some quick notes to my friends before I leave.

Pyroduckie- Please come online. Did you quit? DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAAAAN? IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE A SNOWMAAAN!

Alleycat126- Can you house (or igloo XD) sit while I’m gone? Water my plants and make sure my iggy doesn’t burn down?

Star- Hope you can get Nate back on! Have fun!

Sajo8 and Waddles- Keep calm and carry on! Bloggers for life!

CP Mods- If you find this, have a fantastic break! Thanks for all your hard work!

Aoao1111- Enjoy the sun while it’s out– even though you’re a vampire XD

Pup1one- Rumor has it you’re traveling too! Enjoy your break!

Cw700 and 77lulu77- Even though we aren’t super close, you guys are GREAT people. Enjoy your break!

Finally, here is a picture of me in the TARDIS to make up for not being online XD

Meeting Pup1one!

As I was teasing earlier, with this picture, I finally got to meet Pup1one!

Screenshot 2014-03-16 at 2.55.13 PM

I accidentally-on-purpose crashed his party with his buddies. Bluey656 was recording, but I can’t find the video :p

UPDATE: Found the video! You can watch the adventure below!


We went over to the Sojo and played CJF. I think G Billy One won the game. Btw, fire is my element, so feel free to challenge me anytime.


I was winning for a little while. G Billy One won the game.


After that, we hit some igloos! This is Pup’s igloo from his CP Millionaires show. I’ve been trying to recreate it with different igloos, but the pineapple works the best 🙂


This is also Pup’s igloo from the Fair video he made. I was also having a staring competition with the bear :p


Finally, I got a postcard from Pup! Now I have 5 or 6 postcards from famous penguins O u O


Player Card Picture

I have a LOT of pictures of me meeting famous penguins, bloggers, and moderators. One thing I like to do is to take a picture of their player card for proof that I met them. I went into my photo editor (I use Pizap. Not the best, but still something.) and made a nice collage of most of the player cards I have. 


Try and see if you can name everyone! It’s a little challenging…

Starting from the left corner: Aoao1111, The 4 Star, Cw700, some beta guy,Chrisdog93, Ferdthebird.

Right column going down: Kallie Jo, Megg, Ninjakrom, Norgit.

Bottom row going left: Pup1one (member and nonmember), Riyita, Saraapril, The Shy Guy.

Left Column going up: Scaredy Kat, Waddles26813, Painterbird.

It truly is an honor to meet other penguins that blog from all over the world.