Mod Monday Fun- 6/23/14

Hey everyone! I finally made it to my first Mod Monday! It all started with this tweet…

In hopes that I would meet Moose, I went on Grizzly. I never got to see him, but Polo was on! This is his igloo (bananas, yes).


I went to the Stadium, where Ninja was!


I GOT A POSTCARD FROM NINJA!!!! I was hardcore fangirling the rest of the day.


Ninja played some games with a few penguins. He’s the one screaming “GOOD MATCH!”


After that, he had to go. He said he had to go back to filming, so MAYBE this could be in the Spoiler Alert!


This is Ninja’s player card. If you see him, click on him!


And this is his igloo. I was kind of glitching towards the end, so I don’t know if this is his whole igloo.



3 thoughts on “Mod Monday Fun- 6/23/14

  1. Woah! Congratulations! Postcard from Ninja! Amazing work Greengirl! Hey… I know Kopi244, she’s my friend! And, if you’re on the Spoiler Alert, CONGRATS! :D, Waddles got on #WaddleOn, but its forgotten now. 😥

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