Penguin Style February 2015

Hey penguins! This month’s catalog is for the Music Jam, and it is awesome! I don’t know why, but the resolution on these pics are really low…


We have new and old player cards this month, which are all superstar themed.


On the first page of member clothes, we have the rockin’ hair as shown on the cover. Those shoes were actually released for Halloween a while ago.


Someone who works at CP is clearly a Whovian. Who else would rock that ensemble?


These are all new clothes. They’re very simple, which I don’t know if I like.


The next few pages are full of popular items from the past few years. They look good, but we’ve all seen them before :p

pstyle6 pstyle7 pstyle8

The Penguin at Work is the One Man Band! If you wear the outfit, you will do a funny dance.


What do you penguins think?


January 2015 Penguin Style

Hello penguins, sorry for not posting in so long. Anyways, I’m back with this month’s Star Wars themed Penguin Style, and honestly I’m not to impressed. I wish CP could go back to doing party catalogs.


This month’s backgrounds are ALL Star Wars themed, not even one that isn’t like “Hey, I don’t scream ‘Disney’s Star Wars”. It’s kind of sad actually.


I may be a pop culture guru, but I don’t know a thing about Star Wars. It’s probably best for me to skip the comments on the Star Wars themed outfits.

penguinstyle3 penguinstyle4 penguinstyle5

Okay, maybe I lied about skipping comments. But you could get some of these items for free last year.

penguinstyle6 penguinstyle7

If you click on the TIE Fighter you will get the Vintage Boots, which aren’t too vintage anymore because they’re constantly reoccurring in newer Penguin Styles.

penguinstyle8 penguinstyle9

As for the normal clothes, CP has brought back some oldies but goodies.


If you click on The Posh, you will get the Jade Necklace, which I haven’t seen in years.


The Penguin at Work is the same as the one from last May, I believe.



All other hidden items can be found here.

Honestly, I’m not too impressed so far. This party seems a little… dark for CP.

Penguin Style November 2014

Hi penguins! Long time no post! Anyways, today I’ll be looking at the Penguin Style for November with y’all! On the first page, we have some fresh threads for guys! The Popstar hair reminds me of a celebrity, but I can’t remember who :s


On the next page, there are some photos. If you click on the guy’s watch, you can get the Puffle Watch.



This page has chic new #OOTDs for girls! The Autumn Floral outfit looks like something I would wear in real life.


The next page has accessories. The cell phone is an old item from the Hollywood Party.



Get ready to sail! This page has recolored classic pirate costumes.



If you click on The Swabbie, you can get the Klutzy Disguise, which used to be a non-member freebie from Operation Blackout.



If you click on the pirate hat, you can get the Squid Lid, a really old freebie.


The Penguin at Work is a goldsmith, even though it’s the blacksmith apron…?


Finally, I made this graphic based on this month’s catalog u_u



Club Penguin Doctor Who Costumes!

Happy Halloween! As you might know, I am a HUUuUUUUUuuuuuuuuUUUUUuuuge fan of the hit sci-fi drama, Doctor Who. I’ve kinda made it not-so-obvious :p Anyways, today I decided to do some Club Penguin costumes for Doctor Who! Let the madness begin! DOO WEE OOH!

I started off with the 11th Doctor. His fez is the doorman’s hat from Ruby and the Ruby. You could substitute the fez for floppy hair (which I don’t have) or a Stetson. The moderator Iwearbowties also does a lovely job of showing his inner 11. Don’t forget the bow tie!


I also did the 10th Doctor, my personal favorite. I used the narrow glasses and Flight Attendant uniform to create his look. And as I type, I realize I forgot his Converse. Any sneaker would go for 10.


Next I did the fabulous one and only River Song! I didn’t have any big, curly hair (it was either big or curly, not both). In the second cosplay, I would recommend wearing red heels (I only have white and black ones) and I included her blue book of spoilers.

doctorwho7 doctorwho6

Now we have Donna Noble, the most important woman in the universe. Donna wears mostly solid colors, so any plain colored shirt with pants would go.



Now we have Martha Jones, the defender of the universe. Although she isn’t a favorite companion among many Whovians, her style is pretty cool. A black bun and the hiking outfit creates a Martha look.


Onto Rose Tyler, the Bad Wolf herself. I noticed she mostly wore pink, so I would wear a pink hoodie or tee with blonde hair. Rose wears lots of eye makeup, so I used the Wide Awake lashes to create her look.


October 2014 Penguin Style

Hello penguins, and welcome to the October 2014 Penguin style! As usual, I will go through the catalog and help you find all the hidden items.


This month’s player cards are spooky ghosts and puffles! My favorite is the haunted library 😉


The first page for members are girls items. These items are new and look fantastic!


The next page has revamped items from last year. I like the dress more in green, but the hair looked better in blue.


If you click on the green penguin’s shoes, you get the black studded shoes from last year.


The guys’ items are looking pretty fresh in red! The hair looks like it was edited from the TBM party…? O_o


If you click his lower flipper, you can get the Trick-or-Treat Bucket. This item has been brought back every year, so no big surprise.


The first of the costume pages have the older Halloween costumes. Again, these items are brought back almost every year.


This page is my favorite! There’s Halloween SFX makeup on the right, and on the left there are masks! I like the Phantom mask 😀


Surprise, surprise! There’s a witch costume, redone in orange now with a broom!


The full-on body costumes are on this page. The Blue Dragon outfit is back by popular demand!


Click on the Pegasus wings to get the Raven Wings.


More of the older costumes on this page… Dunno why they aren’t selling the cat headpiece to match…


Finally, the Penguin at Work is a cake baker :O Wear just the apron and make a sweet surprise!




August 2014 Penguin Style

The August Penguin Style is finally out with all the outfits for the Frozen party! AWW YEAH!


We have some awesome new backgrounds with snowflakes and sand-snowmen (like in Olaf’s song!)




Elsa’s coronation outfit is sooooo awesome and pretty! Her cape was the best part, especially when she was running across the water making the fjord in the movie.



Anna’s coronation outfit has a necklace! I love how they added so much detail!



Kristoff and Sven look great with their penguin makeovers! I think last year during the Holiday party, there was a similar reindeer outfit.



Anna’s traveling clothes are complete with shoes and makeup. I like the frozen background!



Olaf’s looking happier than ever to be in Club Penguin! Isn’t he adorable? OwO




Beware! Penguin Marshmallow actually looks pretty friendly compared to the movie Marshmallow.




And the outfit 90% of the girls have been waiting for. ELSA’S DRESS. BRB, FANGIRLING.




You can also help out and be a troll (LOL, that sounds weird)! If you put on the outfit and dance, will you become a rock?




HOO HOO! BIG SUMMER BLOWOUT! Who doesn’t love Oaken? And Hans… not a big fan of him :p




Finally, the Penguin at Work is selling ice cream! YEAH!





What do you penguins think? I’m thinking this is the coolest Penguin Style ever (pun intended XD).

Penguin Style July 2014

The new Penguin Style for July was released today, so let’s take a look inside!


We have some new player card backgrounds for this month.


All aboard! The cruise captain items are new this month. Note the bow tie: bow ties are cool.


Here we have a mix of new and old items for the girls.


Click on the blue penguin’s necklace to get the 14K Fish Necklace.


Click on the pink penguin’s purse to get the Denim Purse.


The first thing I thought when I saw this page is that it looks like Aoao1111! I didn’t know you modeled!


Click on her left heel to get the Green Slouch Purse.


Here are some rockin’ outfits for the guys. Brady’s shoes are from last year’s music jam.


I wish they had this guitar as a hidden item >.<


These are all new threads for the music jam. I like the beanie.


SHAAAAARK! This month, we can buy a shark costume!


Click on the penguin’s drink to get the Gold Charm Necklace.


The lifeguard outfit got revamped with a new floaty!


Is it just me, or does that hair look like Mels’ hair from Doctor Who? Everything reminds me of Doctor Who now o.o


This month’s Penguin at Work has a mop and bucket.



Any other hidden items are from last month’s Penguin Style.

Stage Updates!

Hey everyone! The Stage catalog has updated for once and for all, with at least a good 60 or so pages. I couldn’t even fit all them into this post! There’s now a table of contents because the catalog is so big. Geez CP!


This page has all the BGs from each play. There are a lot of old, collectable backgrounds, so make sure to get them!


The director’s hat and megaphone are the same as always. I think at some point there was a scarf in his outfit at some point in time.


Speaking of time, The Penguins That Time Forgot is on the next page!


Everyone can buy the Cheap Time Travel Hat this time! Woo hoo!


Here is the Quest for the Golden Puffle page. Tip: dance (or is it wave? I think it’s dance) with the lasso for a special move!

stage7 stage8

Save all of time and space  Club Penguin with the help of Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal!


Another tip: buy the camera, wear nothing but the camera, and wave on the Ski Hill for a special stamp!


Battle of the Ancient Shadows is also in this catalog.



Space Adventures was shown last month, but is still listed in the catalog.



A play that many people are unfamiliar with because it hasn’t played in so long is Team Blue VS Team Red. This play touches upon the teams’ age old rivalries.




Night of the Living Sled is often shown around Halloween… no idea why it’s here in June…




Now for my personal favorite, Fairy Fables! Note to Redhood: Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?



Ruby and the Ruby has a lot of hidden gems in it… badum-tiss…




The Doorman’s Cap also makes a lovely fez if you need one (don’t ask why).




Norman Swarm has been Transformed… talk about #ThrowbackThursday!


Oi! The 12th Fish hasn’t been on in so long, even I haven’t seen it!

stage26 stage25

Secrets of the Bamboo Forest! I remember when that first came out.



Finally, we have a Humbug Holiday, a spinoff of the old a Christmas Carol.







Penguin Prom 2014

Welcome to the Penguin Prom 2014! Outside the university, there is a white limo where you can take all your friends to the school in style.


The university is totally decked out in purple in honor of graduation and prom!


Everyone can get a free Graduation Hat by clicking on the “free” sign on the table next to the podium.


This is how it looks on the player card (like my outfit?):


You can pick up the free prom background by clicking on the camera and posing fabulously (I always do that XD)


This is how the BG looks on the player card:




What do you think about the Penguin Prom? Yay or nay? Who will you vote for prom king and queen?



Penguin Style June 2014

Hey penguins! This Thursday, a new penguin style was released. We did get to see some of it in the Spoiler Alert, but not all of it. This month’s themes for the catalog are Penguin Prom and Penguin Cup!


Club Penguin has released two fabulous new backgrounds and brought back two older ones! The one in the lower left hand corner is Daffo’s favorite!



Onto the Penguin Prom! Most of these items are from the Hollywood party, except The Short and Sweet which is from a LONG time ago.


Club Penguin brought back some hairstyles from the past here too.


Here are some chill tuxes for the guys (Harry Styles? Is that you?)


The accessories are all older items too! BTW, ladies, those heels go with everything and anything! I own them and wear them all the time.


This page is just graphics perfection. THE SHADING. IT’S SO PERFECT.


We can build our own Soccer Jersey! They each cost 100 coins.


We also have some new and improved face paint! There was old face paint a while ago (BACK IN MA DAYS…).


For some reason, most of these items are from the Marvel takeover. I know that Pyroduckie’s going to be happy when he sees those dress shoes!


Finally, the Penguin at Work outfit is a Penguin Cup Coach outfit!



All the hidden items in this catalog were from last month’s Penguin Style. What do you think about this catalog?