January 2015 Penguin Style

Hello penguins, sorry for not posting in so long. Anyways, I’m back with this month’s Star Wars themed Penguin Style, and honestly I’m not to impressed. I wish CP could go back to doing party catalogs.


This month’s backgrounds are ALL Star Wars themed, not even one that isn’t like “Hey, I don’t scream ‘Disney’s Star Wars”. It’s kind of sad actually.


I may be a pop culture guru, but I don’t know a thing about Star Wars. It’s probably best for me to skip the comments on the Star Wars themed outfits.

penguinstyle3 penguinstyle4 penguinstyle5

Okay, maybe I lied about skipping comments. But you could get some of these items for free last year.

penguinstyle6 penguinstyle7

If you click on the TIE Fighter you will get the Vintage Boots, which aren’t too vintage anymore because they’re constantly reoccurring in newer Penguin Styles.

penguinstyle8 penguinstyle9

As for the normal clothes, CP has brought back some oldies but goodies.


If you click on The Posh, you will get the Jade Necklace, which I haven’t seen in years.


The Penguin at Work is the same as the one from last May, I believe.



All other hidden items can be found here.

Honestly, I’m not too impressed so far. This party seems a little… dark for CP.


3 thoughts on “January 2015 Penguin Style

  1. Another star wars party. Why not Doctor Who or like My Little pony or some other big fandom ( then again, Disney probably wouldn’t do mlp cause’ of the different TV networks, also I’m sure penguins as ponies would be… Horrific). But seriously, rebels?! ARE YOU KEDDING MEH?!

    • I know 😦 I think CP is trying to almost gender-label parties like “Star Wars is for boys, so if we have a Star Wars party, we can get more boys to play CP”. I hate that way of thinking.

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