Merry Walrus Walkthrough and Day 2 Task

Hello Penguins and welcome to the Merry Walrus party of 2014! Sorry I haven’t been on much, holiday stress is catching up to me.

Anyways, when you first log in, Merry Walrus pops up, wishes you a merry walrus (it’s his name and catchphrase!) and fills in players as to why there isn’t a normal holiday party this year. merrywalrus2

The Merry Walrus then tells you that for every tradition you complete, 500 coins will be donated to CFC. You can click on the blue gem to see the coin totals and prizes for completing the traditions.


As far as rooms go, there are shockingly only 12 decorated rooms! The graphics look clean and crisp, but some of the rooms have been recolored in blue for Merry Walrus :/


The Plaza has bells, which are part of the Merry Walrus traditions to be released later…


The mall is back from the Back to School party (which I somehow didn’t blog about)! We can eat little gingerbread penguins 🙂


The Forest has a huge tree 😮 If you throw a snowball at the tree, you put an ornament on it.


The Mine has been recolored from the red/gold/brown holidays color scheme to the Merry Walrus colors. CP has been doing a very good job at choosing and sticking with a color scheme for their parties this year.


The Snow Forts has the Merry Walruses’ sleigh. Very shiny. Wow. Much blue. So party.



The inside of the Coffee Shop looks awesome with mugs full of hot chocolate.


The Dock is decorated for reindeer, or whatever carries the sleigh.


In the school, we have the old elves’ workshop, again recolored for Merry Walrus. What I want to know is if Merry Walrus isn’t supposed to be like Christmas, what/who does he have make the toys?


As for the second tradition, you have to go to the Lighthouse. The Merry Walrus explains that at their holiday meal, they have food fights where you only eat what you can catch, like walruses do. What a coincidence.


All you have to do is throw 10 snowballs (they’ll turn into food). Don’t forget the five second rule.


When you finish, the Merry Walrus will pop up and tell you he’ll donate 500 coins for you to CFC.


These are the available prizes so far:


And these are yet to be unlocked…


These are the coin collection stats as of an hour or so ago. They’ve probably changed drastically since.


As usual, we have our safe chat messages and emotes for the party.

merrywalrus14 merrywalrus15

What do you all think so far? I really want to see what the other traditions are.



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