Unlockable Item Codes- December 2014

Hey penguins! I hope you’re all enjoying your weekends and preparing for the holidays. Anyways, I do have a small gift for you guys; codes!

The first code is YOURGIFT, all caps.


It unlocks the Merry Walrus medal, which the Merry Walrus himself wears.


The second code is PRINCESS.


It unlocks the Tiara, which can also be obtained via puffle digging.



And now for a random picture… If you can guess the meme, we’ll be friends forever.


“I really need to be doing homework” said the CP player as she procrastinated online.


3 thoughts on “Unlockable Item Codes- December 2014

  1. Hey greengirl! I subscribed to your YouTube channel! And Sajo8’s channel! Nice videos,hope you can do some more. Also, I got the club penguin app finally! It is so fun 😃!! Hope to meet you on there one day. I font have a YouTube account, but I’m featured in random movies + recordings 😛 lol. Happy holidays!

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