New Page Dedicated to Apps

Hey everyone, it’s Greeny! I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. Anyways, I made a new page today dedicated just to the apps for CP! I currently only have the Puffle Wild guide up there, so take a look! Later I’ll add Sled Racer and the Club Penguin app.

I also got a new puffle named Groot! I wanted to name him Rocket after Rocket the Raccoon (I love Guardians of the Galaxy :D), but I’m waiting for the orange raccoon in Puffle Wild.



What do you penguins think about Puffle Wild so far?


5 thoughts on “New Page Dedicated to Apps

  1. My iPod Touch isn’t compatible with Puffle Wild… I have the 4th Generation but I will be happy to wait for the app to become available for android users! Nice names btw!


  2. Heyy. Happy holidays. Im an android user, so when the cp comes out on Google play, I’m so getting it! Btw, how do you add a pic to your profile? Lol. I hope I don’t sound stupid thanks if you answer (^.^)

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