Penguin Style December 2014

Hellooooo penguins! The holidays are off to a start with the awesome new, colorful catalog! Let’s take a look inside.


This year, all of your purchases from the Penguin Style will be donated to Coins for Change, giving CP a head start on that 😀


The player card backgrounds this year are very Christmas-y, with snowflakes, Christmas trees, and the North Pole.


Also in this catalog, we have some free items for members! This page has some holiday knit socks :0


This next page is really just the awesome graphics that the CP team makes but…


…if you click the snowman’s head, you can buy a Santa hat.


All the items on this page are new! The penguins look totally adorable U_U


Click on the girl’s neck to get the knitted scarf.


Here is some REALLY festive stuff. The Tree is also free for members.


Here are more clothes for everyone and a free candy cane.


Click on the fuzzy vest to get the Gold Sparkle Loafers.


The Snow Day Parka is an old item from last year, but this year it’s available in purple.


Finally, the Penguin at Work is a toymaker. If you buy the whole outfit and wear it, you’ll do a special dance.


What do you guys think of the new catalog? I think it’s awesome and I love all the color in it 🙂


5 thoughts on “Penguin Style December 2014

  1. Are you still able to donate without buying something? Hmm. All the clothes are cute though. I just like to donate lots. What about you ( you don’t gotta answer, lol) XD and byee

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