January 2015 Party Confirmed

Hey penguins! As some of you might know, Megg announced the January party on the Club Penguin blog, and it’s another Star Wars party. Last time we had a Star Wars party, it was the takeover Summer of 2013, as I like to call it. We had to fight Darth Herbert with the help of Princess Cadence/Leia (I know nothing about Star Wars). I didn’t really go on much for the party as Star Wars is not my favorite sci-fi movie.

Personally, I’m not really excited for the Star Wars party. January is one of my last months before my membership expires, and I was hoping for a good party to end my membership with. As far as me watching Star Wars, my dad and my younger cousin are obsessed with the old versions from way back when, but I prefer Doctor Who, or Marvel. I think it would be cool if they did a GOTG takeover instead, however GOTG isn’t exactly suitable for all ages.

*Side note for legal stuff: I do NOT own Star Wars or Disney.


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