Penguin Style November 2014

Hi penguins! Long time no post! Anyways, today I’ll be looking at the Penguin Style for November with y’all! On the first page, we have some fresh threads for guys! The Popstar hair reminds me of a celebrity, but I can’t remember who :s


On the next page, there are some photos. If you click on the guy’s watch, you can get the Puffle Watch.



This page has chic new #OOTDs for girls! The Autumn Floral outfit looks like something I would wear in real life.


The next page has accessories. The cell phone is an old item from the Hollywood Party.



Get ready to sail! This page has recolored classic pirate costumes.



If you click on The Swabbie, you can get the Klutzy Disguise, which used to be a non-member freebie from Operation Blackout.



If you click on the pirate hat, you can get the Squid Lid, a really old freebie.


The Penguin at Work is a goldsmith, even though it’s the blacksmith apron…?


Finally, I made this graphic based on this month’s catalog u_u




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