Reviewed by You: Stories

Recently, Megg has been talking about some of her favorite stories. She wants to know what our favorite stories are!

My all-time favorite story would have to be Doctor Who. This show is the perfect definition of story because it has so many lessons you can take away from it. Sure it can be silly at times, but there have been episodes where people tear apart time and space for the sake of humanity and love. Doctor Who has taught me to…

save as many people as I can or impact them in a good way, and if you skipped Nine I will judge you

that sometimes, not everyone lives but it will all be okay in the end,

that you can’t run away from your problems forever,

that every lonely person needs a friend,

that you can be old and childish, (DT is priceless)

to be an optimist,

to be open to friendship and love, (and have an OTP)

to know when to let go, (sorry if feelings happen)

and to know that if and when you change, always remember who you used to be.


We’re all stories in the end, might as well make it a good one.

*BTW none of these gifs are mine. All of them are from various places online.


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