October 2014 Igloo Catalog

Hello penguins! I hope you’ve all been enjoying your October so far. I’m here today to show you the igloo catalog for this month.


This month’s igloo is the Ghostly Cavern Igloo. There was another one a few years ago similar to this one in green. Hmm…




I bought the igloo and put it in, but the location won’t show up, nor will it allow me to decorate it.


Anyways, the other igloos this month are the Trick-or-Treat igloo and the Eerie Castle. The castle is from last year.



This page has all new items, except the slime. Eww :s



This page has pumpkin decor. Personally, I prefer the older pumpkins but I only have one.



Click on the Moon (Moon=Egg. If you saw Doctor Who last week, you’ll get it) you can get a spider (wow I didn’t even think about how ironic that was. Doctor Who takeover confirmed).



Finally, we have slimy tentacles and the graveyard gate for a scary feeling.




Click on one of the stone puffles (Don’t blink. Blink and you’re dead) to get the candy basket :D`



In conclusion: I did find a way to make this post about Doctor Who.


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