October 2014 Penguin Style

Hello penguins, and welcome to the October 2014 Penguin style! As usual, I will go through the catalog and help you find all the hidden items.


This month’s player cards are spooky ghosts and puffles! My favorite is the haunted library 😉


The first page for members are girls items. These items are new and look fantastic!


The next page has revamped items from last year. I like the dress more in green, but the hair looked better in blue.


If you click on the green penguin’s shoes, you get the black studded shoes from last year.


The guys’ items are looking pretty fresh in red! The hair looks like it was edited from the TBM party…? O_o


If you click his lower flipper, you can get the Trick-or-Treat Bucket. This item has been brought back every year, so no big surprise.


The first of the costume pages have the older Halloween costumes. Again, these items are brought back almost every year.


This page is my favorite! There’s Halloween SFX makeup on the right, and on the left there are masks! I like the Phantom mask 😀


Surprise, surprise! There’s a witch costume, redone in orange now with a broom!


The full-on body costumes are on this page. The Blue Dragon outfit is back by popular demand!


Click on the Pegasus wings to get the Raven Wings.


More of the older costumes on this page… Dunno why they aren’t selling the cat headpiece to match…


Finally, the Penguin at Work is a cake baker :O Wear just the apron and make a sweet surprise!





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