Club Penguin Teams up With PACER to End Bullying!

Not too long ago, CP released an online safety quiz  to help educate young children about online safety. They also did a cyberbullying promo, pro-feminism post and teamed up with Free the Children last month to build schools. Great job CP for being so active in so many issues, it’s such a great thing to do!

This month, Club Penguin is working with PACER to help end bullying. Watch the video below to find out more.

Go unlock the code 2BEHEARD to get a free megaphone and orange tee shirt. For every tee and megaphone unlocked, CP will donate a dollar to support bullying prevention.

I think it’s pretty awesome to have Club Penguin involved in an issue a lot of people care about. If someone is bullying you, go to an adult first and talk things over with them. You will not get in trouble, they are only here to help. I care about you penguins so much, and I don’t want you to all go through what I did.

Click here for more info on bullying prevention and here for more on online safety.


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