Photoshop Updates

Hey everyone! I finally downloaded Photoshop, and made a few things with it! As you may have noticed, I made a new YouTube banner:


Doesn’t it look great? I LOVE the TARDIS color and navy eyeliner. I have a smaller version I may use for profile pictures as well. Then I got bored, so I automatically went to second nature and…


Clara Oswald happened. Ehehe, I just love it! Anyways, I figured as a tribute to the next Doctor landing soon, I’m going to make a boatload of Doctor Who custom penguins! I’m also going to go through my friends list and try to make as many customs of my friends as I can. I cannot guarantee everyone will get one. Chances are you will get a custom penguin of whatever you look like that day or if I know you have a signature style. I’ll probably make a page dedicated to custom penguins or something.

Err, side note for legal stuff in case anyone has to sue me: I DO NOT OWN DOCTOR WHO, BBC, OR ANYTHING.


9 thoughts on “Photoshop Updates

  1. Cool, I luv the Art! And, speaking of the Custom Penguins, I have 2 things to say-

    1. I have 2 requests left for my Penguin Portraits! :OOO
    2- What happened to Waddles? She left me a message in March, and nothing has come from her since…..

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