August 2014 Penguin Style

The August Penguin Style is finally out with all the outfits for the Frozen party! AWW YEAH!


We have some awesome new backgrounds with snowflakes and sand-snowmen (like in Olaf’s song!)




Elsa’s coronation outfit is sooooo awesome and pretty! Her cape was the best part, especially when she was running across the water making the fjord in the movie.



Anna’s coronation outfit has a necklace! I love how they added so much detail!



Kristoff and Sven look great with their penguin makeovers! I think last year during the Holiday party, there was a similar reindeer outfit.



Anna’s traveling clothes are complete with shoes and makeup. I like the frozen background!



Olaf’s looking happier than ever to be in Club Penguin! Isn’t he adorable? OwO




Beware! Penguin Marshmallow actually looks pretty friendly compared to the movie Marshmallow.




And the outfit 90% of the girls have been waiting for. ELSA’S DRESS. BRB, FANGIRLING.




You can also help out and be a troll (LOL, that sounds weird)! If you put on the outfit and dance, will you become a rock?




HOO HOO! BIG SUMMER BLOWOUT! Who doesn’t love Oaken? And Hans… not a big fan of him :p




Finally, the Penguin at Work is selling ice cream! YEAH!





What do you penguins think? I’m thinking this is the coolest Penguin Style ever (pun intended XD).


5 thoughts on “August 2014 Penguin Style

  1. I like this clothes, but I’m waiting for the day when they have a Gravity Falls Party. #Pinecest XD…. That’s when I fangirl!… :3

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