Frozen Party CONFIRMED for August!

Hey everyone! The Frozen party has been confirmed by Polo Field, according to this interview by Mrzero3. There are also more features coming to the CP app, like quests, the Frozen party, and a few technical things. CP is also releasing two more apps for Sled Racing and a new game called Puffle Wild. Pretty awesome!

AND the Iceberg might finally be able to tip! WOW!

During the Frozen party, we will be able to adopt Olaf puffles, play in Arendelle, become Olaf or Marshmallow, we can BUILD A SNOWMAAAAAAN (sorry, that song), visit Elsa in her Ice Castle, and throw freezing snowballs. The Arendelle rooms will start out normal and Summer-like, but gradually turn more icy.

What do you think? I think YAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS! I kind of like the Disney takeovers, but not like last Summer when there were four in a row. That was a little much for me.

UPDATE: Megg has announced on the official CP blog that Frozen in confirmed!

There have been rumors floating around and some of you may have already seen some confirmation of this month’s party.
Well, here is your official Club Penguin Team-stamped confirmation seal of approval! (Did that even make sense?)

Everything is true! Club Penguin and Disney’s Frozen are coming together! 😀
Stay tuned to the blog, as we’ll have more details and sneak peeks coming soon!
Waddle on,
-Club Penguin Team

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