Music Jam 2014 Walkthrough!

Hey penguins! The Music Jam is finally here, featuring Cadence, the Penguin Band, Cole Plante, Zendaya, Sabrina Carpenter, and Violetta. There is a new login screen that would make an epic .gif if I had the software to make one.


When you log in, Cadence pops up, telling you that you’re on the Music Cruise! She tells you that the funny looking icon is your “schedule” that has all the details on show times and prizes.


This is what the schedule looks like. Obviously, there are more prizes at this point, but I’m posting late, so this is the picture I have.


This is the center of the boat. Club Penguin did a good job picking a color scheme!


Here you can see the bands and singers perform their new songs. You can also play SoundStudio (walkthrough coming later)


Click on Cadence/The Penguin Band to get their backgrounds. The Penguin Band’s is the same as it was in the Fair, and Cadence’s hasn’t changed for a while too.



Here is what the map of the boat looks like:



This is the dining area of the cruise. You can see the night sky, as promised by CP.


Inside you can eat and dance to your SoundStudio tunes.


In the middle of the boat, there’s a pool with two musical slides! I got an action shot :O


Here is the boiler room of the ship. I think if you get one penguin to stand on each “x”, then you can play a song.


What do you think about the Music Jam so far? I think it’s pretty cool!


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