Code for Pink Fairy Wings

Hey everyone! Sorry for my unannounced break, I don’t know if I said this before but I got a huge part in a musical camp and it’s taking up 90% of my time. ANYWAYS, to make up for it, I have a code for Pink Fairy Wings. The code is FILMFEST.

And I just entered the code and forgot to take screenshots. Very smooth, Greeny >.<

But as I type, there’s an Iggy Azalea penguin online. I took a screenshot of her!


Looking fancy! Ahaha, get it?


6 thoughts on “Code for Pink Fairy Wings

      • Hi Sajo! It is quite complicated. To remove the background, you need a back up account that is your main account’s friend. Go onto your backup account and look on your friend list. Find your penguin on there and right click on the icon. Once you right click, select “Inspect Element” and a tab will open up. You hover over the link in the tab and right click that. Then select open in new tab/window and then your player card will show on a new tab. In the address bar at the top of the screen (no idea what it is called) you need to change the number 88 to 600. This will enlarge your picture. Next you have to change the word “true” to “false”. This will remove the background. Once you refresh the page, your penguin will have no background and is perfectly cropped.

        Hope this didn’t sound too confusing! I am sorry I couldn’t go into more detail but please note that this may only work in Windows 7. I have tried it on Windows 8 but it is way more complicated. Anyway contact me on my Blog if you misunderstood this. You can always use my contact page. šŸ™‚

        P.S: Sorry Greengirl816 for using this comments section.


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