Stage Updates!

Hey everyone! The Stage catalog has updated for once and for all, with at least a good 60 or so pages. I couldn’t even fit all them into this post! There’s now a table of contents because the catalog is so big. Geez CP!


This page has all the BGs from each play. There are a lot of old, collectable backgrounds, so make sure to get them!


The director’s hat and megaphone are the same as always. I think at some point there was a scarf in his outfit at some point in time.


Speaking of time, The Penguins That Time Forgot is on the next page!


Everyone can buy the Cheap Time Travel Hat this time! Woo hoo!


Here is the Quest for the Golden Puffle page. Tip: dance (or is it wave? I think it’s dance) with the lasso for a special move!

stage7 stage8

Save all of time and space  Club Penguin with the help of Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal!


Another tip: buy the camera, wear nothing but the camera, and wave on the Ski Hill for a special stamp!


Battle of the Ancient Shadows is also in this catalog.



Space Adventures was shown last month, but is still listed in the catalog.



A play that many people are unfamiliar with because it hasn’t played in so long is Team Blue VS Team Red. This play touches upon the teams’ age old rivalries.




Night of the Living Sled is often shown around Halloween… no idea why it’s here in June…




Now for my personal favorite, Fairy Fables! Note to Redhood: Doth mother know you weareth her drapes?



Ruby and the Ruby has a lot of hidden gems in it… badum-tiss…




The Doorman’s Cap also makes a lovely fez if you need one (don’t ask why).




Norman Swarm has been Transformed… talk about #ThrowbackThursday!


Oi! The 12th Fish hasn’t been on in so long, even I haven’t seen it!

stage26 stage25

Secrets of the Bamboo Forest! I remember when that first came out.



Finally, we have a Humbug Holiday, a spinoff of the old a Christmas Carol.








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