Igloo Catalog June 2014

This month’s igloo catalog is themed for the Penguin Cup this month! Woo hoo!


The “Make the most of your furniture” page is updated to include green chairs and a bookshelf!



Click on the scoop chair on the left page to get it for 650 coins.


Click on the first bookshelf on the left page to get the funky bookshelf for 550 coins.


This month’s igloo location is the Soccer Pitch! If you open your igloo during the Penguin Cup, you will be on the Stadium igloo list. This is the 6th consecutive month CP has done this and I’m getting REAAALLY sick of it.


These pages were shown in the Spoiler Alert when Megg was Megg-ify-ing Polo’s igloo.


Click on the Multi-Ball to get a Portal Box. When you put the Portal Box in your igloo and click on it, it will take you to the Box Dimension.


This page has the team banners, a jumbo TV, a beanbag chair and a podium.


Finally, we have a page of older items. FYI, you can get the exercise ball via puffle digging, so don’t go crazy buying all of it!



Any other hidden items not listed are in last month’s catalog.




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