Penguin Style June 2014

Hey penguins! This Thursday, a new penguin style was released. We did get to see some of it in the Spoiler Alert, but not all of it. This month’s themes for the catalog are Penguin Prom and Penguin Cup!


Club Penguin has released two fabulous new backgrounds and brought back two older ones! The one in the lower left hand corner is Daffo’s favorite!



Onto the Penguin Prom! Most of these items are from the Hollywood party, except The Short and Sweet which is from a LONG time ago.


Club Penguin brought back some hairstyles from the past here too.


Here are some chill tuxes for the guys (Harry Styles? Is that you?)


The accessories are all older items too! BTW, ladies, those heels go with everything and anything! I own them and wear them all the time.


This page is just graphics perfection. THE SHADING. IT’S SO PERFECT.


We can build our own Soccer Jersey! They each cost 100 coins.


We also have some new and improved face paint! There was old face paint a while ago (BACK IN MA DAYS…).


For some reason, most of these items are from the Marvel takeover. I know that Pyroduckie’s going to be happy when he sees those dress shoes!


Finally, the Penguin at Work outfit is a Penguin Cup Coach outfit!



All the hidden items in this catalog were from last month’s Penguin Style. What do you think about this catalog?


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