Future Party Walkthrough

Welcome to the Future Party Walkthrough! CP has outdone themselves with another original party!

When you first log in, Gary will pop up giving you the stitch. Club Penguin in the future is under attack from some futuristic robots. You are Club Penguin’s only hope!


Open up the holo-comm (was I the only one that thought of Mockingjay with the holo?) to gear up for space!


Click on the holo and the party catalog will pop up. The jet pack is free for everyone, while the other costumes cost blast points. A membership is required to get some of the items.

party5 party6

Here is the Lighthouse in the future! The EPF has turned into the Extra-Planetary Federation.


Inside the Lighthouse, there is a command center with some training, lockers, and a jail. I suited up in my new space hoodie and Converse.


Here is the extra-terrestrial zoo, as seen in The Spoiler Alert. Watch out for rock lobsters!


This is the futuristic Town. I really like the colors and the design; CP did a good job on finding a color scheme.


Inside the Dance Dome is a dance floor and DJ booth that has performances every few minutes. Is it just me, or does the jellyfish in the corner look like the thing inside daleks?



This is the coffee shop in the future! As seen in Polo’s spoiler, you can get space sushi! Yum!



These are the emotes and safe chat phrases for this month.


party13 party14

This is the Clothes Shop, remade to be a robot painting studio (see more below).


I took a quick picture of the mini game… won’t spoil much for you 😉


Here are the robot transformer thingies:

party17 party18 party20

I went to go customize one of the robots. The different colors look so cool!


Here’s the puffle robot with the green paint.



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