May Furniture Catalog

Hey everyone! Long time no blog! Time for the May Furniture Catalog! There are a few updates in this catalog.


The first update is how to rotate your furniture. This was once on the back of the old CP catalogs if you remember.


We have a new igloo location on a distant planet. I’m still trying to do some research as to which planet it is 😉


This month’s igloo is the Space Dome! Your igloo will be featured on the igloo list if you use it. Not exactly TARDIS-esque as I thought it would be…


All these furniture items are new. Notice how the furniture is getting increasingly cheaper…


Click on the lava lamp to find the crystals.


This page is a mix of new and old items.


Hidden on this page is the old Swamp Slime. I’m glad to see that items are coming back!


This page is all items from the 2013 Hollywood party. Like I have said before, that was my all-around favorite party ❤


We FINALLY got a flooring update! WOO HOO! The old carpets and floors are back!



Thanks CP team for listening to us. Old is gold ❤


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