May Penguin Style

Hello penguins! Sorry I haven’t posted in so long, I’m watching LOTS of Doctor Who (I’m going to have to start a new blog for all my DW stuff XD)! Anyways, onto the catalog!


First, we have the backgrounds! I really like the Spoiler Alert one!


Now for clothes. All these items are brand new and apply to this Future Party.


Next is the Galaxy Eyes section. Like the normal eye makeup section, roll over a circle to choose your style. Also, the fabulous fish dress reminds me of a Hannah Montana episode where Miley had to wear a goose dress or something x)


These item are also new! I LOVE the yellow penguin’s graphics, they look so cool!


Now we have a bit of a throwback with the Space Squid Costume from the Hollywood party in 2013. I loved that party so much.


Click on the space squid’s mouth to get the Squidzoid Costume from Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal.


Here are the normal clothes for this month. I remember when the layered shirt came out and I was debating if I should buy it.


Click on the guy penguin’s beak to get these sick Green High Tops! Alley loves these and wears them all the time 😉


Finally, for the Penguin at Work, there’s a special DJ costume.



What do you think?


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