Hacker Found in Zipline

Recently, there has been a chain of hackers in the more popular servers (Blizzard, Abominable, etc.) sending out fake postcards. Rumor has it about 8,000 penguins have received one of these postcards and most of them got banned. (Picture via @NinjajayCP)

Anyways, I saw ANOTHER hacker who wasn’t doing anything malicious, just making the room glitch. He kept saying something about how he wasn’t on CP, which led me to believe he was using a program that had extracted .swfs and used those to project an image to look like he was doing something. Also, he may have permed the filter so anything could get through because he was saying some pretty long sentences that normally wouldn’t go through.


He was trying to make a joke out of it, but I was kind of freaked out that


Again, he kept saying something about how he wasn’t on CP.


After that, he made the hockey puck glitch and go all over the place. It was super freaky because no one was hitting it.



Finally, someone said he can EDIT YOUR PENGUIN o.o so I ran into some random igloo on the map.


2 thoughts on “Hacker Found in Zipline

  1. I got that postcard, but I wasn’t banned. When I logged in it was there, but when I logged in for the second time it’s gone. Hmmph. :/ At first I thought CP was testing postcards on random penguins but on Twitter lots of people tweeted about their inbox being hacked (but they got a different postcard (puffle-runaway postcard), though).

  2. I got the same thing! But I didn’t get banned, and the postcard was a runaway puffle. I knew it wasn’t from CP because (a) I didn’t have that type of puffle and (b) it said something CP isn’t programed to say, like yours.

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