POTW: Missnadz6789


Ready for another edition of Penguin of the Week? Let’s do it!

Missnadz6789 is a really special person. Not only is she a great friend in Club Penguin but she’s a brill buddy in real life too. She always looks out for her pals and will always stand up for people if they are being bullied. That kind of behaviour takes a lot of courage, so I’m sure you would all agree that she’s a very worthy Penguin of the Week! 🙂

Send Missnadz6789 your congratulations in the comments. Don’t forget to let me know who you think should be the next Penguin of the Week too!


-Club Penguin Team

Round of applause for being a good friend and standing up for others! I unfortunately have had a very recent encounter with bullying, but someone did try to stick up for me. Thank you, random student.


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