Twitter Updates from Important Penguins

Yes, I know, I’m not on Twitter (YET! I will probably make a personal one to test with first, then a CP one) but these tweets seem to speak it all. First we have this tweet from Rsnail, one of Club Penguin’s creators. I honestly think this is a good idea XD


Next, Polo possibly confirms that the old hoodies are coming back. Polo, if you are reading this, if you bring them back, you shall bring joy to the older penguins who only have one old hoodie (like me XD)


Spike Hike also said there are NO plans for a Marvel takeover. Of course, the one year I actually watch a Marvel movie, I like it and understand what was going on at the takeover. (I watched the Avengers. LOKI IS MINE BTW)


Finally, we have this helpful update from Rafaelmouta. I don’t know him, but thanks for the update buddy. (Am I the only one who still plays Game Day and Wii in general??)



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