Updates for Puffle Party 2014

Hey everyone, I just got back from my wonderful wi-fi-less vacation. I know I have missed a LOT (sorry about thaaaat) and have decided to post only what is coming up in the next few days. That means I’m not doing a walkthrough and I will not be posting about the costumes you can collect. I’m really sorry I have to do this, but it’s the best choice for now. Thank you all for understanding!


Now that I got THAT over and done with, I’m going to post some updates and bugs! First, there are free bunny ears at the Beach.


Next, Puffle Roundup has moved to the park, making the old Puffle Roundup door the door to the Puffle Park.

update3 update4

Now, we can do puffle tricks! This is the message you get when you first click on PH.


The “Adopt a Puffle” stand has been updated with cat and dog puffles.


To make room for the puffle tricks, the blue chat bar has been updated!


Finally, the map updated with the Puffle Park ๐Ÿ™‚




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