April Igloo Catalog!

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t been blogging in a while. My dog is sitting on me as I write. Here is the igloo catalog for April!


This month’s featured igloo is the Puffle Tree House, which looks like a treehouse that CP released before if you bought a certain membership.


We are also welcoming back the Wildlife Den igloo and Theater igloo 😮


This month we get to make puffle labyrinths basically. All I can say is that my puffles will probably go everywhere but the nice, new tubes I bought at a very high price XD

iggycatalog4 iggycatalog5 iggycatalog6

CP also brought back the puffle chairs and lanterns. I think the lanterns were available not too long ago :p



This month we also have earth items! We have plants and animals 🙂



Some of this stuff was just here, right?


This is what the igloo music looks like:



3 thoughts on “April Igloo Catalog!

  1. The Acacia Tree was a secret in the prehistoric catalog. And, the pufffle lanterns and chairs were available last year. It seems like one microsecond before, right? And, for the video, I thought it was Karsty 5’s voice. As soon as the person started speaking, I knew it was a boy’s voice.

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