Random Updates From Greeny

Hey everyone :3 It’s time for random updates about my life on CP!

First off, the moderators Shrub Shrub and Tarlic Goast have added me 😀 Thank you guys so much!

shrubshrub tarlicgoast


At the moment, I am trying to add Iwearbowties because bow ties are cool. Speaking of bow ties, I made this… (I know he doesn’t wear bow ties, but still) Yes, I am becoming a fan of Doctor Who. I’m on season one with the 9th doctor. Fantastic!



Sorry I saw the opportunity and grabbed it XD Also, please vote on this poll!

Polo Field wishes there could be another Club Penguin Summit. I wish this could happen, or a PenguinCon or something like that for the bloggers 😦



Spike Hike also announced that Club Penguin is coming to iPhone 😀

I’m considering getting a Twitter for my blog and my penguin. Only problem is, my dad is on there, a bunch of people from my school are on there (hint: no one knows I blog about CP. My social life would be ruined.) and my parents aren’t exactly sold on the idea of social media (when I got my phone, I literally had to sign a contract saying I WILL NOT USE/DOWNLOAD SOCIAL MEDIA).


5 thoughts on “Random Updates From Greeny

  1. I would love to visit CP HQ! Only I can’t right now. 😦 When I grow up. But by the, I think CP would be closed by then

      • I would either want to become a game tester, because I find a lot of bugs, or a programmer. That would be so cool. But, as a game tester, imagine getting payed for playing games! 😀

  2. I want to get a CP twitter too, but my parents are refusing. No one from school knows that I play CP either, except for one of my BFFs who also plays. We actually have this “code” and it’s our way of discussing Club Penguin in-between class or during lunch. 🙂

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