Muppets Theater Open and Party Review

After some technical difficulties, the Muppets Theater is now open! To go there, go to the stage and wait for however many minutes it says.


This is what the stage looks like when it’s open. The Muppets bounce along to a happy tune while you sit and watch.



To be honest (I’m having a tbh moment), I think this party was overrated. CP got us all psyched up for a “awesome party” that seemed too simple. They totally could have stepped up their game by gearing the party less towards the ads and more towards the countries. The Muppets theater that we waited two weeks for was so lame; they should of had some sort of background. This party could have been any other party this year with a special igloo/igloo item that shows up on a list so you can get visitors. I hope that none of the next parties have that feature, it gets old after a month.

Was I impressed? No, but I remember when CP threw simple parties and how much everyone loved those. There were no “special items” or “special games” or anything like that. All the rooms were decorated neatly and the music was more of a background noise.


3 thoughts on “Muppets Theater Open and Party Review

  1. Yeah. I wish. CP is working very hard on all these party nowadays, they’re good, but there’s a limit. There’s a meter like this-

    Bad, should have worked more
    Nice, just a little more effort
    Perfect!, the party is amazing and all parties should be like it.
    Too Much work, you’ve worked too hard, lower your standards a bit

    All of them should be like meter in 3. And like the music, the background music was quite annoying. But I still think CP did do a good job, but they went too high.

    – The 8 in the S
    P.S, are you coming to my party?

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